Why Java is a Popular Programming Language

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Java happens to be a very popular programming language that was developed by Sun Microsystems way back in 1995.  And it's still quite popular. You will find in all sources that Java is at no. 5 still among the most popular languages. And around 41% of the Stack Overflow users marked Java as being popular. And you can contact us for your Java training. Naresh I Technologies is the number one computer training institute in Hyderabad and among the top five computer training institutes in India. Contact us anytime for your Core Java training.

In this article, we will be discussing features of Java, why it is so popular, and where Java is being used. And finally, we will end up with a conclusion. And make up in your mind that Java is never going to lose its shine in near future for sure. Hence, let's start our article.

Features of Java

Below are the features of the Java

  1. It's Object-oriented
    All the things in Java act as an object. And it's easily extended as it’s Object model-based.
  2. It's platform-independent
    Unlike others, Java does not get compiled into platform-specific machines. Rather it gets compiled into platform-independent bytecode. This bytecode is distributed over the webs, and the JVM interprets it on whatever platform we run it on. JVM is a Java virtual machine. 
  3. It’s Simple
    You can learn it easily if you know OOPS. You can easily master it.
  4. It's secure
    Java comes with security features. It helps us develop virus-free, tamper-free systems as well as authentication options based on public-key encryption.
  5. Architectural-neutral
    The output of the Java compiler is an architectural neutral object file format, that develops the compiled code executable on almost all the processors if the JVM is present.
  6. It's portable
    As Java is Architectural neutral and does not have any implementation dependency, Java is portable. The java compiler is in C that has clean portability limitations and comes with a POSIX subset.
  7. Robust
    Java emphasizes chiefly the compile-time error checking and other than that run time.  This is an attempt to dismantle the error-prone conditions.
  8. Multi-threading
    Yes, multithreading is possible in Java, and we can carry on numerous tasks in parallel using java. And thus, we can make interactive applications that run quite smoothly.
  9. Interpreted
    Java Bytecode gets translated to the native machine instructions on the fly and is never stored anywhere. You will find development procedure faster, as well as analytical as its quite incremental and lightweight procedure the linking.
  10. High in performance
    Java ensures the best performance through just-in-time compilers.
  11. Distributed
    Java supports the distributed setup on the internet.
  12. Dynamic
    It’s more dynamic as it adapts to a new environment. It can execute an enormous amount of run-time information used for verifying and resolving object access at run time.
Why Java is so popular?

Its code is easy to understand and troubleshoot. And its growing at great speed for many years now as it's object-oriented based, and this makes it simpler for designing the software through breaking of the execution procedure into simpler and easily processed chunks. Various complex coding issues found in languages such as c and c++ are not found in Java. Also, Java ensures better modularity and easily 

Java is independent because of the JRE

JRE is the prime source for making Java platform-independent. You are just required to install the JRE on the computer and then you can run the Java program, and it does not matter where you make it.

Java runs quite smoothly on all the computers and not just Windows. The JRE is even compatible with mobile phones. And as a fresher, you will find this independence and the flexibility to be great for you.

You can easily reuse the common code

Through the Java objects, a programmer can reuse the common codes whenever possible rather than rewriting the whole code again and again. And all the common things between the two objects inside a class are shared so that the developers can focus on the development of uncommon attributes. And thus, the coding becomes simple, inexpensive, and speedier.

The versatility of the Java

You get tons and tons of classes and around 50 keywords through Java API. And this leverages the programmers to apply the coding methods which execute to lacs. Hence the programmers find versatility in Java and able to accommodate numerous coding tactics.  And even a newbie can easily learn the Java API as it is less complex, and you need to learn a part of it only for starting. a portion of it. And as you become comfortable with the utility functions, you can learn all the things related to Java API. And you can run the program across different servers.

Through Java’s PATH and the CLASSPATH, you can distribute the Java program among various servers. And we often need to code using a computer network in a big organization. And we need to sync all the computers ensuring the program runs faultlessly on all the computers.

It's adaptable, robust, and stable 

The Java program runs well on computers as well as mobile devices. And hence Java Language is quite adaptable. And it runs quite perfectly on all the devices. And you can run Java on any scale. And it's quite stable and strong on any scale. And Java has no limitation, and you can develop any software using Java.

It comes with a strong source code editor

We have two very powerful IDEs for crafting the Java programs and they are the NetBeans and Eclipse. And these are very powerful and ensures faster and easier coding, and you also get with them an automated built-in debugger option. And all the features of an IDE are available through NetBeans and Eclipse.

You can hence think of Java as your career, and you will find that a lot many companies are making use of Java programming still for web application and website development as well as software development. And hence you can get a job easily as a Java programmer.

Where is Java being used?

As a fresher, you might be wondering where Java is being used. You will not find a lot of games in Java. Also, the majority of desktop tools are in other languages. Also, the major OS is not in Java. So, the question arises where Java is being used? Is there any real-world application developed using Java? And why Java is considered so highly in graduation courses. You run Java by installing the Java on your desktop. According to Oracle, more than 3 billion devices are run using Java. And that is a huge number. The majority of businesses make use of Java in some form. You will find a lot of server-side applications coded in Java. And below we list the kind of projects which use Java. Also, we list the sector and domains where Java is dominating. And we discuss where Java is being used in the real world.

Real-World Java Applications

Various commercial eCommerce websites and android apps make use of Java. A lot of financial applications make use of Java. You can build games as well as desktop applications in Java as well. J2ME is used extensively in embedded devices. Let’s elaborate all.

  • Android Apps

All the Android developers make use of the Java programming language. And the Google Android API is quite similar to the JDK. You will find that majority of Android app developers were Java Developers in the past. The Android, however, makes use of different JVM and new packaging, though the coding still is done in Java only.

  • Server Apps 

Java is used extensively in financial services. However, you will find that Java is mainly used for writing server-side applications, and it's not generally used for making the front end, that gathers the data from one server, processes, and then sends that to another process. Swing used to be applied for making client GUI, however, it is being now replaced by C#.  Mainly, you will hence find the Java being used for creating the backend servers.

  • Java Web applications

A lot of web applications are made using Java. Various RESTFUL services make use of Spring MVC, Struts, and various frameworks like these. You will find that even smaller servlet, struts, and JSP-based web applications have become quite known. Various government, insurance, defense, and various other departments make use of Java to make web applications.

  • Software Tools

Various desktop applications are written in Java like Eclipse, NetBeans IDE, IntelliJ Idea, and various others. At one time Swing was used extensively for writing thick clients, and was used mostly by the investment banks and the financial services. Now the Java FX is becoming more and more popular though it's not the replacement of the Swing and C# is the actual replacement for Swing in finance.

  • Trading Applications

Java is also used extensively in coding third-party trading applications, which is a good part of financial services.

  • J2ME Apps

Even after the IOS and the Android, J2ME is not finished, and still holds the big share in low-end Nokia and Samsung mobiles that make use of the J2ME. You will find them being used in games, and applications in Android through MIDP and CLDC that are part of the J2ME platform. You will find J2ME still being used extensively in cards, set-top boxes, and various others. You will be surprised to know that WhatsApp is also available in J2ME for various Nokia handset and it’s the reason for WhatsApp success to an extent as well.

  • Embedded Space

You will also find Java being used extensively in embedded systems, as we need only 130 KB to make use of the Java technology on the smart card and sensors. You should know that Java in originality was for embedded systems, and that was Java's initial campaign, “write once use anywhere” and now it's showing the fruit. 

  • Big data technologies 

Hadoop and various big data technologies make use of Java. Like the HBASE and the Accumulo as well as Elasticsearch make use of Java, Java is not dominant here as it's now superseded by technologies like MongoDB, which is written in C++. However, its products like Hadoop and Elasticsearch make use of Java extensively.

  • High-frequency trading Space

Java can deliver performance at the C++ level. And hence we use Java in coding high-performance systems. However, the performance is a little less as compared to the native languages. However, it ensures safety, maintainability, and portability as well as speed.

  • Scientific Applications

For all the scientific applications the Java is the default application, and may it be natural language processing, Java is extensively used. Its because Java is more safe, maintainable, and portable, and is available with high-level concurrency tools such as C++ or any of the languages.

If you will go back to the 90s Java used to be everywhere on the internet because of Applet though, over the years, Apple became less popular, and this was due to security issues due to the sandboxing model of Applet. And now Desktop Java and the Applet are no more used, though Java is the default application development language in the Software industry, and is used heavily in the financial industry, E-commerce web application sector, investment banks. And hence, Java has quite a good future. And Java will be continuing its dominance in software development for many more years.

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