Top 10 Reasons to Learn AWS

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- Pricing

AWS pricing comes with the pay-as-you-go option. You can pay upfront as it comes with discounts. However, you have the choice to pay later monthly and yearly as well. You can make the services run during peak hours, and for the rest of the hours, you can programmatically or through pre-configuration via other types not allow the services to run. Hence, you use the services only when you need them, and you also pay for them for those hours only. You thus save a lot of money. Hence, you are under your budget all the time. AWS pricing is a new revolution, and they are providing Pricing APIs now to manage the cost programmatically. However, you can manage the overall cost incurred through the console as well as cli. It will help you to take care of the cost calculations in a better way. And it's one of the reasons for the popularity of AWS, and that's why AWS training is essential for you. Naresh I Technologies is one of the top 5 computer training institutes in India, and we can provide you with complete guidance to clear the AWS certification exams. 

- Flexibility & Scalability

The AWS models are flexible. And you can stretch them to any limit. AWS has increased its infrastructure to the extent that you can think of it as being almost infinite. And thus, you solve the problem of scalability infrastructure-wise. And through services like the Load balancers, you can scale them to any level as well. You can make the 20 EC2 instances to run during the off-hours and 100 EC2 instances to run during the peak hours. Hence, AWS is flexible and scalable, and the limit is infinite.

- Global Architecture

The AWS data centers are located worldwide in around 26 geographical locations and hence can overcome the losses through natural disasters. And various other types of calamities are possible. However, AWS provides eleven Nine availability even during the worst of times. Also, you can avail of the server nearest to you as well, as worldwide. Like you can use a server in Mumbai to run your instances for Indian audiences. And you can make use of the server in Cape Town to run the EC2 instance in South Africa. Thus, you will find that the downtime reduces considerably, and the applications run at better and best speed possible. And that's the advantage of the global presence.

- PaaS Offerings

PaaS or the platform as a service is an option that helps you to make use of the platform, right from the web browsers. Services like CloudFormation and Beanstalk help you to develop, build, and deploy the codes in various programming languages like Python, PHP, dot net, or any other. AWS is up with all sorts. Also, AWS hosts Linux and Windows both types of servers. Hence, you are not required to install the LAMP WAMP or any solution stack, as they are available through the templates. And AWS provides a long list of pre-configured templates. However, you can prepare your templates as well. However, AWS ensures abstraction as well for layman users. You then need not worry about technical worries, and through simple pick and use, you can make use of all sorts of platforms for coding. However, you are a coder, we assume. A complete layman service that the SaaS provides, where even a less educated can make use of the software without any technical knowledge includes the coding as well. 

Naresh I Technologies is one of the top 5 computer training institutes in India. We provide complete AWS training via a long list of courses that we offer. We will also guide you throughout your AWS certification exam preparation. 

- Consistency & Reliability

AWS is consistent. If you load your code in four regions like Seattle, Mumbai, Tokyo, and Singapore, and you commit the code. You will find all four regions updated in real-time and will show the same output. And that is consistency. And the output you will see is always who you expect it to be. It's faultless, and hence reliable AWS services provide eleven nine levels of reliability. Hence you are always going to see the correct output.

- Scheduling

Also, you can schedule all AWS services. You can set the time and date when you want to run the services. It's on you the scheduling, and AWS entertains all your scheduling policy. And you are not going to register any extra hours or even a millisecond. It's such accurate, AWS scheduling. 

- Customization

You can also customize the outcome of each service individually as well as in a group.  All levels of customization are possible. And you need not worry about any walls that are going to stop you. 

- Recovery

We have already talked about natural disaster recovery. However, recovery is possible for all sorts of AWS storage. No matter what you lose that you have stored on AWS S3, EBS, Glacier, or any other, you can recover. Also, it does not matter which version of the code you want to shift to AWS.  And hence AWS provides eleven Nines of recovery, and you are always safe.  

- Security

AWS is highly secure and never down to any security threat. It’s any kind of threat may it be viruses, you will always find the AWS cloud services to be highly secure. AWS provides security through the AWS shared security model. We provide complete AWS training and can ensure you complete guidance for AWS certification exams.


AWS provides all sorts of APIs development opportunities and you can make use of these APIs to build various application modules. AWS provides an environment for all, which includes REST, HTTP, and WebSocket APIs at any scale. You can build your API as well host it on AWS, and use it anytime. 

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