What is Azure? – An Introduction to Microsoft Azure Cloud

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 It's a question that arises in every mind. Is Azure better than AWS? However, in reality, both are equally good. AWS is the oldest cloud service provider, and hence it has a larger market share. Though, Azure is giving tough competition to AWS. It is ahead of GCP or any other cloud service provider currently. In simple words, Azure is the cloud service provider powered by Microsoft. It provides the below services:

  • On-premises

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

  • Platform as a service (PaaS)

  • Software as a service (SaaS)

  • Mobile backend as a service (MbaaS)

  • Cloud Business Process Services

  • Cloud Management and security services

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Now, Let's have a look here. In On-Premises, we need to manage everything in IaaS. We do the management from the OS level. In the platform as a service, we do the "management" of the data and the "application." And in SaaS, we get complete freedom and need to manage nothing.

Let's have a brief on this one by one:


Many companies want to have the on-premises infrastructure and then connect with the cloud through the VPN. So, in this case, the hardware (virtualization), storage, networking, and the Operating system plus framework or the platform and the application the front end and "backend" are managed by the "Organization." The third-party collaborate all of the above at the B2B level. And it collaborates with the Customer through the VPN in a secured manner. It's applied in case security is the prime concern for the "Organization."


Here, the hardware management by the cloud service provider. And the rest of the platform and the application is managed by the organization.


In this case, even the platform management is by the cloud service provider. And the developer creates the application in this environment. They are provided with various frameworks and SDKs as well. 


In this case, the developer or the organization provides the application to the cloud service provider, which hosts the "application." And the users subscribe to it.


Here, the cloud service provider caters to us with the cloud storage for the backend and the API services. The services such as the "user management, push notifications, the backend analytics services" are provided by the "cloud service provider."

And the management and security services and the business process services are also being provided by the cloud service providers.

All these services are available through Azure as well as AWS.

 Cloud Service Providers

They are the one that provides the above services through the cloud. And the top three cloud service providers are AWS, Azure, and the GCP. Various other cloud services like IBM, Rackspace, Oracle are also on the list. But they are far behind the top three currently. However, Salesforce is the "top" SaaS provider still. And that is a rare sight when we see the "overall market share" as the majority market is under the top three. 

The oldest cloud service provider is the AWS. Though, surprisingly the first cloud service provider was Salesforce.

Azure Market Share

You can get the details about the market share here. And, recently Microsoft has overthrown Salesforce in SaaS. We wanted you to know the heroics of Salesforce, and that's why we have put here both the old and recent stats in SaaS. Also, IBM has overthrown the GCP in the list recently as well. However, the two giants in the cloud service market are matchless currently. IBM is now in the third position. However, "MS Azure" is the number one in SaaS now, and it's over the Salesforce finally.

What Is Azure?

So, what is the Azure finally? It is a cloud service provider and powered by Microsoft.  In some of the services, Azure is better. And in some, "AWS" is better. There is neck to neck tussle between the two. As an example, the Azure Kubernetes service is considered better than the AWS Kubernetes. However, AWS machine learning is better than Azure. 

Service Domains in Azure

All the "services" by the "AWS" are available at Azure. Azure provides "Storage" as well as compute. It provides the network services, virtualization services, security, management, analytics, machine learning, DevOps, AI, Big Data, Platforms, infrastructure as a code. We have discussed numerous "services" while we were discussing the AWS. You can assume that all of those services are available through Azure. And both the AWS and Azure are considered to be equally good. AWS is not bad as Azure. Both of them are equally good. And for the next few decades, we cannot think of any third company to beat them in this list. 

Let us brief you on one thing. These services can interoperate without any problem with third-party services like Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform, Splunk, Nagios, and many more. And we have a record number of third-party services that support the Azure services.

Building Applications in Azure

You can build an application in Azure and not just Dot net applications. The Azure supports all platforms as well. It supports Linux, Windows, and macOS. You can develop Java applications, Python Applications, PHP applications, and any applications on Azure. Also, you can automate the whole application development through the DevOps services provided by Azure. You can automate the "build, testing, deployment, staging, and maintenance" and ensure continuous development and delivery through the Azure DevOps.

And we discussed the full nitty-gritty of the Machine learning services supported by Azure. We covered the storage in Azure and the virtual network, and soon we will discuss the other services provided by Azure as well. 

There is a neck-to-neck tussle between Azure and AWS for the supremacy currently.  

How to Sign Up on Azure?

Signing up on Azure currently requires an email address and a credit card, and nothing more than that. If your credit card is a visa or master and supports the EMI facility, you can use the card. You need to click on the signup option, and you need to fill in all the details. You can create a free account as well. And the paid service is provided through the pay as you go service. However, for the free "account," you need the credit card details. You cannot make use of Azure without a credit card. Hence, make sure that you have a credit card. 

You can now create an Azure account without wasting any time. 

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