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Dur: 60 days
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Salesforce LWC

Course Overview

Salesforce Lightning Web Components (LWC) is a framework and programming model used to build responsive and efficient web applications on the Salesforce platform. LWC enables developers to create user interfaces using modern web standards such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, while seamlessly integrating with Salesforce data and functionality. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of LWC development, empowering learners to design and deploy custom applications tailored to specific business needs within the Salesforce ecosystem.

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The Salesforce Lightning Web Components course covers fundamental concepts and advanced techniques for developing scalable and feature-rich applications on the Salesforce platform. Participants will learn how to leverage LWC's modular architecture, event-driven programming model, and reusable components to create intuitive user interfaces and streamline business processes. Through hands-on exercises and real-world projects, learners will gain proficiency in key areas such as data binding, component communication, asynchronous operations, and integration with Salesforce services like Apex and Lightning Data Service.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the principles and benefits of Salesforce Lightning Web Components.
  • Learn how to set up a development environment for LWC development.
  • Master the syntax and structure of Lightning Web Components.
  • Explore the lifecycle hooks and events in LWC for handling component behavior.
  • Implement data binding techniques to interact with Salesforce data and external APIs.
  • Develop custom components and leverage base components for rapid application development.
  • Integrate LWC with Apex controllers, Lightning Data Service, and external JavaScript libraries.
  • Practice debugging, testing, and optimizing Lightning Web Components for performance and reliability.
  • Gain insights into best practices and design patterns for building scalable and maintainable applications.
  • Complete real-world projects to showcase proficiency in Salesforce LWC development.

    • Basic understanding of web development concepts (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
    • Familiarity with Salesforce platform and development environment (Apex, Visualforce) is beneficial but not required.
    • Access to a Salesforce Developer Edition or Sandbox environment for hands-on practice.
Course Curriculum

  • Introduction of LWC
  • ECMAScript Script 7
  • Difference between Aura Component & LWC
  • Advantages of LWC

  • Setting up the Development Environment
    • Setup Visual Studio Code
    • Install Command Line Interface
    • Explain all commands (org:create,org:delete,..etc)
    • Connecting VS code with Salesforce Org
    • How to create scratch org
    • Pull or push the source code

  • Create Basic LWC Component
  • Understand the Web Components Folder Structure
  • Modules in Lightning Web Components
  • Data Binding
  • Decorators for properties (@wire,@track,@api)
  • Behavior of properties
  • Create LWC Actions (onClick,onChange..etc)
  • Data flow in Lightning Web Components
  • Setter & Getter methods
  • Iterators in LWC
  • Invoking methods on child components
  • All about Slots
  • Lifecycle Hooks
  • Hooks in LWC
  • Shadow Dom Web Standard

  • Design the Fields
  • Design the Buttons
  • Design the Cards
  • Design the data table
  • Design the forms
  • Scrollbars
  • More examples

  • How to dispatch and handle events
  • How Event Retargeting works?
  • Event Propagation in JavaScript
  • Event bubbling in child and parent components
  • All Event propagation scenarios
  • Programmatically handle the events
  • Publish-Subscribe events

  • Invoke apex method Imperatively
  • Call apex method from LWC Component
  • Call apex method from LWC Component with parameters
  • Handling Errors
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Continuation
  • Continuation Limits

  • Introduction
  • Putting the base component lightning-record-edit-form to use
  • Using lightning-record-view-form and lightning-record-view-form
  • Using getRecord() Adapter
  • Handlers in LDS base components
  • Override save functionality using base components
  • Using createRecord() method to create a record
  • Using updateRecord() method to update a record
  • getRecord() alternative syntax

  • Navigation to different destination from a Web Component
  • Navigation in Files

  • Explain real time scenarios with coding
Who can learn this course

  • Salesforce Developers: Individuals with experience in Salesforce development who want to enhance their skills in building modern web applications using Lightning Web Components.
  • Web Developers: Professionals familiar with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS looking to expand their expertise by learning how to develop applications on the Salesforce platform.
  • System Integrators: Consultants and architects interested in integrating Salesforce with external systems and delivering custom solutions using LWC.
  • IT Professionals: Anyone interested in advancing their career by gaining knowledge and proficiency in Salesforce technology and cloud computing.

Average package of course (Salesforce LWC)

50% Avg
salary hike
50L Avg
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Salesforce LWC Mr. Ashok 27 May 9:00 AM (IST) online Online Training
Salesforce LWC Mr. Ashok 27 May 9:00 AM (IST) offline Classroom Training
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