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Dur: 60 days
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Spoken English

Course Overview

The Spoken English course is designed to help participants develop effective oral communication skills in the English language. This course focuses on improving pronunciation, vocabulary, fluency, and overall conversational abilities. Participants will engage in interactive activities, discussions, and real-life scenarios to enhance their spoken English proficiency.

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This course begins with an assessment of participants' current spoken English abilities. It then proceeds with structured lessons covering fundamental aspects of spoken English, including pronunciation drills, vocabulary building exercises, and conversational practice. The course employs a communicative approach to language learning, encouraging participants to actively engage in speaking and listening exercises. Practical situations, role-plays, and discussions will be incorporated to simulate real-life communication scenarios.

Course Objectives

The primary objectives of the Spoken English course are as follows:

  1. Pronunciation Improvement: Help participants refine their pronunciation and develop clear and articulate speech.
  2. Vocabulary Enhancement: Expand participants' vocabulary through targeted exercises and contextual usage.
  3. Fluency Development: Improve participants' ability to speak English confidently and fluently.
  4. Grammar and Syntax: Address common grammar and syntax issues to enhance overall language proficiency.
  5. Conversational Skills: Develop effective conversational skills for various social and professional situations.
  6. Listening Comprehension: Enhance participants' ability to understand spoken English in different accents and contexts.
  7. Idiomatic Expressions: Introduce idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms for natural and authentic communication.
  8. Interactive Speaking Activities: Engage participants in interactive activities, role-plays, and discussions to apply learned skills.
  9. Accent Neutralization (Optional): Offer techniques for reducing or neutralizing accents for improved clarity.
  10. Real-Life Application: Provide opportunities for participants to apply learned skills in real-life scenarios.

Who can learn this course

This course is suitable for a diverse range of individuals, including:

  1. Non-Native English Speakers: Individuals looking to improve their spoken English skills for personal or professional reasons.
  2. Students and Graduates: Those pursuing education or employment opportunities that require proficiency in spoken English.
  3. Professionals: Working professionals seeking to enhance their communication skills for career advancement.
  4. Job Seekers: Individuals preparing for job interviews or aiming to boost their employability through improved English communication.
  5. Business Executives: Professionals engaged in international business who want to communicate effectively in English.
  6. Tourism and Hospitality Professionals: Individuals working in customer-facing roles where English communication is crucial.
  7. Public Speakers: Individuals preparing for public speaking engagements or presentations in English.
  8. Anyone Interested in Spoken English: Enthusiasts and individuals keen on refining their spoken English skills for personal growth.

The Spoken English course is designed to cater to learners at various proficiency levels, providing a supportive and interactive environment for participants to build and refine their spoken English skills.

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Course Name Faculty Date Time Mode of Training Batch Type Meeting Link
Spoken English Mr. Amith Pandey 27 May 9:00 AM (IST) online Online Training
Spoken English Mr. Amith Pandey 27 May 9:00 AM (IST) offline Classroom Training
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