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Dur: 60 days
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Python Programming

Course Overview

Naresh IT offers comprehensive Python programming training, available both online and in the classroom. Python is widely recognized for its simplicity and versatility, making it a highly sought-after high-level programming language. Our course is designed to equip participants with a thorough understanding of Python programming concepts, syntax, and applications. From fundamental principles to advanced topics, learners will gain the skills needed to develop software solutions, automate tasks, analyze data, and much more. Join Naresh IT's Python training today for a rewarding learning experience.

Learn software skills with real experts, either in live classes with videos or without videos, whichever suits you best.


The course begins with an introduction to Python, including its history, features, and installation procedures. Participants will learn about basic programming concepts such as variables, data types, control structures, and functions. As they progress, they will delve into more advanced topics such as object-oriented programming, file handling, exception handling, and working with modules and libraries. Practical exercises and projects will be included to reinforce learning and encourage hands-on experience.

Course Objectives

  • Provide a solid foundation in Python programming language.
  • Familiarize participants with Python syntax, data structures, and control flow.
  • Introduce object-oriented programming principles and best practices.
  • Enable participants to develop practical applications using Python.
  • Explore advanced topics such as file handling, exception handling, and module usage.
  • Equip learners with the skills necessary to pursue further study or career opportunities in Python development.

    • Basic understanding of computer and programming concepts.
    • Familiarity with basic mathematics.
    • Logical thinking and problem-solving skills.
    • Basic knowledge of how to use a text editor or IDE.
    • Understanding of variables and data types.
    • Basic command line interface (CLI) skills.
Course Curriculum

Who can learn this course

This course is suitable for a wide range of individuals interested in learning Python programming, including:

  • Beginners with no prior programming experience.
  • Students pursuing computer science or related fields.
  • Professionals seeking to enhance their programming skills.
  • Data analysts or scientists looking to utilize Python for data analysis and visualization.
  • Software developers aiming to expand their programming language repertoire.
  • Anyone interested in automation, scripting, or application development.

Average package of course (Python Programming)

540% Avg
salary hike
540L Avg
Upcoming Batches
Live Training Batches Timetable
Course Name Faculty Date Time Mode of Training Batch Type Meeting Link
Full Stack Python Mr. Satish Gupta 10 Jul 11:00 AM (IST) online Online Training
Full Stack Python Mr. Satish Gupta 10 Jul 11:00 AM (IST) offline Classroom Training
Python Programming Mr. Satish Gupta 10 Jul 11:00 AM (IST) online Online Training
Python Programming Mr. Satish Gupta 10 Jul 11:00 AM (IST) offline Classroom Training
Python Programming Mr. Mahesh 8 Jul 6:00 PM (IST) online Online Training
Full Stack Python Mr. Mahesh 8 Jul 6:00 PM (IST) offline KPHB
Python Programming Mr. Mahesh 8 Jul 6:00 PM (IST) online Online Training
Python Programming Mr. Mahesh 8 Jul 6:00 PM (IST) offline KPHB
Training Features
Comprehensive Course Curriculum

Elevate your career with essential soft skills training for effective communication, leadership, and professional success.

Experienced Industry Professionals

Learn from trainers with extensive experience in the industry, offering real-world insights.

24/7 Learning Access

Enjoy round-the-clock access to course materials and resources for flexible learning.

Comprehensive Placement Programs

Benefit from specialized programs focused on securing job opportunities post-training.

Hands-on Practice

Learn by doing with hands-on practice, mastering skills through real-world projects

Lab Facility with Expert Mentors

State-of-the-art lab facility, guided by experienced mentors, ensures hands-on learning excellence in every session

Our Trainees are Working with

I have joined Naresh IT for Full Stack Python, the python classes are almost to be completed now, and i am telling you that i have a great experience. SATISH GUPTA Sir is an amazing teacher and he made my journey easy with python. He teaches so well that even a beginner or a non IT student can also easily understand...

Angie M. Shruthi Bhadani
course : Full Stack Python

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