What Are Large Language Models (LLMs) and Their Impact on AI?

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Large language models (LLMs) are a type of advanced AI technology that helps computers understand and generate human-like text. These models are built using a method called the transformer architecture, which is like a blueprint for creating them.

An example of an LLM is ChatGPT, created by OpenAI. LLMs have become crucial as AI technology is becoming more and more important in our lives. They work by learning from huge amounts of data, like a super-smart student studying from tons of books.

What exactly are Large Language Models (LLMs)?

LLMs are like brainy computers made of many parts (called parameters) that can take an input and give an output in the form of human-like text. They're basically machines that understand and create text like humans do.

These models are trained using massive amounts of information from things like books, articles, and websites. They're part of a special kind of AI that's made to create text. LLMs have improved a lot since the invention of transformers by Google, making language processing better and more effective.

Here are top LLMs right now:
  • GPT 3.5 || GPT-4.0

GPT 4 is the latest version from OpenAI. It's really good at creating accurate content based on what users ask for. They've focused on making it safer and more ethical. The creators of GPT 4 listened to feedback from users of previous models to make this one even better.


META (LLAMA) is a big AI model from Meta. They made it to make AI more accessible for researchers who might not have had the chance to study these models before. META (LLAMA) aims to help researchers improve AI and reduce issues like harmful content and bias. Right now, researchers can get access to META (LLAMA) through Meta.

  • Google's (Palm AI)

Google's Palm is a new type of AI called Pathways. It's meant to be like a super AI that can do lots of tasks at once, unlike older AIs that could only do one thing at a time. Palm is designed to learn new things quickly, just like humans. For example, once you learn how to ride a bike, you don't forget easily.

Where are Large Language Models (LLMs) used?

AI is becoming more common in our daily lives. Here are some places where LLMs are making a big impact:

  • Retail: LLMs help make chatbots for stores, so customers can get help without needing a person.
  • Language Translations: They're great for translating languages, which is useful for students and people living in new countries.
  • Code Generation: LLMs trained in coding languages might make it easier for engineers to write code and do their jobs.