Selenium Resume – Building an Impressive Test Engineer Resume

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How to Curate a Selenium Resume

You apply for a technical job that requires complete technical knowledge. We are here to take you to the end from the start. We teach you here how to curate a Selenium resume. In this article, we explain Selenium testing as a great career ahead for you. You can contact us for your Selenium training. We provide complete Selenium training for Selenium certification. Naresh I Technologies also is the number one computer training institute in Hyderabad and among the top five computer training institutes in India.

In this blog, you learn about automation test Engineers, job descriptions, automation test engineer roles, responsibilities, the skill set, Selenium job trends, trending salary details, what we should consider while writing a resume, and end up with a sample resume. 

Hence let's begin our learning and understand what an automation test Engineer is.

Selenium Resume: Understand what an Automation Test Engineer

When we develop software, we require testing to ensure it provides us the desired output. We can test an application differently. Test manually through a varied set of inputs, check the "output," and report finally. Or we can automate the process through the script. 

An automation tester writes the test script. And we use it to test the correctness of the application.

Automation testing requires the application of technology governing the production and ensuring timely delivery of the software products. Automated testing reduces the time required for performing complex tasks.

The test automation engineer performs designing, programming, deploying, and simulation of the automated test solutions. The objective of test automation is the automation with the least coding or the minimum scripts.

The Automation tester writes the test cased for script creation for checking the functionalities automatically. The Automated test is on the "pre-scripted test" running automatically for comparing the expected results and the actual results. Hence, an automation tester performs a lead role in making application defect free.

Let's have a look at the job description.

Automation Test Engineer Job Description:

We need to first look at the job description. And the job description for a majority of the companies includes the Selenium is a must-know skill.

A typical job description can be like this:

  1. "4 " years’ experience in Automation testing

  2. Can write Selenium test cases using Java.

  3. Prior experience in mobile application testing and web application testing

  4. Should be proficient in API test automation.

  5. 2+ years of experience in white box testing.

  6. can solve problems.

  7. Good communication skills

  8. Can work independently as well as in a team.

  9. The above job description varies with Organization requirements. Now, let's have a look at the responsibilities of the automation tester.

Roles and Responsibilities:

For becoming a successful automation tester, you need the following as your skillset.

  1. Positive attitude towards problem-solving.

  2. Find and correct the system bugs.

  3. Come up with proper test strategies.

  4. Write and design the test automation scripts.

  5. Develop and design the test strategies non-functional and functional. 

  6. should be good at all type of testing

  7. Process, monitor, and implement the testing.

  8. Deliver test reports on time.

  9. Keep himself update with current skills.

However, the role of the automation tester is more than this. The job requirements hence vary based on what the organization requires.

Now, the roles and responsibilities are clear. We list the skills you require to become a prominent tester.

Skills required for Selenium Resume:

Skills are essential for clearing any interview. You need manual testing knowledge for understanding automation testing. It's a skill you need for a test Engineer career.

Below you will find the skillsets based on the experience level. First, you need to look for fresher skills.

  1. Basic knowledge of the test architecture

  2. Good knowledge of programming languages as well as software development

  3. Should know test frameworks

  4. Can write the test scripts

  5. Good at troubleshooting

  6. Must be creative

  7. Good communication skills

Now let us have a look at the experienced Automation test Engineer Skill Set:

  1. Must have 2-5 years of experience in software development

  2. Good practical knowledge of manual as well as automation testing

  3. Can build, manage, and lead product testing

  4. Good knowledge of Product lifecycle

  5. Should be innovative

  6. Good experience in both Linux and windows-based development

  7. Must-know business goals and know the specifications

Above is the skillset a company requires in you as a tester. It varies from company to company, however. 

And now you know the skills you need to clear any interview. Below we see the Selenium job trends, which is increasing almost exponentially in the last few years.

Selenium Resume: The Job Trends

Selenium is the most used automated testing tool. You can master it to make a career in the field of testing. You will find numerous organizations that offer jobs for roles, like test analyst, test engineer, QA analyst, test manager, and a lot more makes into this list. There is an exponential increase in the vacancies with high salaries guaranteed. 

You can opt for a permanent job as well as the contract jobs based on your preference. The median salary is around $60000. As a successful automation tester, it's the correct time to start working. 

Let's consider the salary trend of the Automation tester.

So, what are the salary trends:

Let's have the stats. How much an Automation Tester make annually?

The Selenium is the top-rated test automation tool. Now around 36% of people take this testing tool as their career. Hence an automation tester must master the Selenium. The average salary for them in India is from 4Lac INR to 15 Lacs INR. In the US, it is around $83000s annually. Hence, they are well paid.

Their value is increasing in the market. And, now let's consider the "basic factor." We need to keep this in mind while we write down the Selenium Resume.

Key issues 

For building a good resume, we need to consider few things in mind.

  1. The resume is the first impression on the recruiter's mind about you.

  2. There are two forms of resumes: Functional and Chronological.

    1. Functional: In this, you mention the most relevant experience based on the skills required first. It is the simplest way to portray yourself in front of the recruiter. 

    2. Chronological: This is the more traditional style of writing a resume where you mention all the projects with details based on your timeline.

  3. Make sure that your resume is simple, easy to understand, and most recent.

  4. Your message should not confuse anybody.

  5. For people with experience of fewer than "8" years, we require a single-page resume.

  6. Give top priority to the relevant skills.

  7. Make sure to mention achievements and hobbies as it helps in bring to your front the recruiter.

Now let's move towards the essential part of the article. And find out how we can write a resume as a selenium tester.

  1. Mention your full name, current designation, introduction, education, skills, achievement, and hobbies. 

  2. Make sure your paper is aligned. Your introduction should be simple and up to the mark.

  3. Mention your education details in full and mention all the projects you worked on in the past.

  4. Never worry if you are a fresher. Justify that you fit into the role through projects and skills.

  5. In case you are experienced. Quote your latest job role and the project you worked, as well as your achievements

  6. Mention your technical skills and brief at what you are very good. 

  7. Also, mention your hobbies and accomplishments, and be brief as it distracts the recruiter. Hence, be simple.

That complete this tutorial. I hope you now know how to curate a Selenium resume. 

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