Fundamentals of Full stack Dot Net core- Introduction to Full-stack Dot Net

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Fullstack.net core requires knowledge in designing as well as coding. You have two things to note here. The first thing is the full-stack, and the second thing is core. Let's have a look at the first thing first. The first thing is the full stack and by that we mean we need to cover everything either it is coding or designing. The designing part requires the covering of web designing techniques like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, bootstrap, less, and sass, and we cannot leave behind single page application front end designing techniques like angular and react. Also, to note is the MVC framework with razor syntax, and that is too covered in the designing part. Currently, MVC is the most used designing technique in.net. And the coding part covers C sharp and visual basic. However, nowadays mostly we use C sharp. Now let's come to the core part. In 2004 mono version was released and this was cross-platform, which worked on all the operating systems. However, that was not as developed as now, we have in the form of .net core. The .net core is the cross-platform version of the dot NET Framework. The latest version of dot net core is dot net core 3.1. In this article, we will be looking through the fundamentals of full-stack dot net core and see how development is carried out in a full-stack .net environment. Naresh I Technologies is the number one computer training institute in Hyderabad, and it is among the top five computer training institutes in India. Contact us anytime for your complete dot net training.


The fundamentals are as below:

Firstly, you need to understand how the dot net core environment can be set up in the machine and the machine can be a windows environment, mac based, or Linux based. For each version, we have a different set of editor tools. As for the windows version we have the Visual Studio and the Visual Studio code both. However, for the Linux version, we have only Visual Studio code. The Visual Studio does not work on the Linux version. For the Mac version, we have the Visual Studio as well as the Visual Studio code. For preparing the.net core environment, we can download dot net core SDK and.net core runtime from the official .net site. We have.net 5, dot net core, and .net framework now separately. However, with.net 5 we can do the .net core development as well as the dot NET Framework development. Both of the options are available in dot net 5, however, we have dot NET Framework and.net core separately as well. So you will find on the site 3 links. The first link is for dot net 5, the second link is for.net core, and the third link is for that NET Framework. And both .net core SDK, and .net core runtime are available on the site. 

You have to install the .net core environment on your machine and you need to code. However, we are not going to discuss that part in this article. We will be having separate blogs soon for explaining all those. In a nutshell, you need to add some different classes in the case of dot net core and that means the class which you will be using in the case of dot net core is different from that you will be using in dot NET Framework. The rest of the thing is almost the same. However, you need to know what you can use and what you cannot. Not all features are available currently in .net core. However, the work is going on and within the next 2-3 years all the features of dot NET Framework will be included in.net core. However, you need not be confused with.net core and dot NET Framework. Both of them have been included in one heading and that is .net 5. So all you need is to download the.net 5 SDK and runtime, install it on your machine and then you can perform.net core as well as dot NET Framework from the same Visual Studio on your machine or respective editing tool that is, that fits your operating system as discussed above.

There are some CLI commands that you need to use and the rest of the thing is the same, as an example for MVC you need to create the MVC environment using various CLI commands, and once you have created the MVC environment on your machine and all the MVC folders you then need to do the coding part, And you can do the coding part on notepad as well. However, the best editing tool will provide you various options that make your coding simpler and easier, and you will be able to come up with cleaner code. Notepad will not support proper indentation, however, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code will support the proper indentation as well so a proper editing tool is always beneficial for ensuring that you have the best features and you can come up with the best coding by the time you finish your coding work. You also cannot integrate the notepad with the source control system like GIT and bitbucket, but you can do this with the Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio. So using a proper editing tool is always the best option as that helps you in coming up with better code.

So you need to understand that by updating to .net 5 you now combine the version of dot net core and dot NET Framework. However, we have .net core and framework separately as well even now, and hence if you feel that we cannot use web form then you are wrong as web form is available through the .net framework and will be no more available in the next few years.

For learning.net core you need to have the complete details of dot net CLI, and you are going to use asp.net core now. Asp.net webform is available in asp.net core but it is not available in .net 5. Please keep that in mind. The C sharp you are going to use has the same syntax and there is no chance whatsoever. You are going to use the same syntax in.net core as well. The type variables, safe typecasting, conditional statements, loops, operators, operator precedence, conditional statements, jump statements, arrays strings, object-oriented programming concepts, abstract classes, interfaces, partial classes, extension methods, partial classes, partial methods, all are same in.net core. There is no change and all the things are the same as you use dot NET Framework.

So, let's brief the difference between the .net framework and .net code!

You might be wondering whether you need to use dot NET Framework or.net code for your new project. So, let's compare the two platforms and see what is the best for your next new project.

let's see first dot NET Framework advantages:

In case you are a .net developer you require to build and release fast, and you don't have time to learn .net core. Hence .net framework is your first difference. There is no learning curve in .net core. 

For maintaining and upgrading the existing.net apps your choice is going to be dot NET Framework. For porting an existing .net app to fit into.net core app, you require some homework.

And the current version of dot NET Framework is 4.8 and that is supposed to be the last version of dot NET Framework. No new version of dot NET Framework is going to come as Microsoft has confirmed that this is the last version of dot NET Framework.

So, what are the advantages of.net core, let's have a look below:

If you are developing a new application and you need to choose from .net core and dot NET Framework then definitely .net core is the much better choice. Now the latest version of dot net core is .net core V 3.1, and this is a much-improved version of dot net core. If you need to learn and build for the future then.net core is the best offer for you. Previously.net core was lacking support for many technologies. However, dot net core now has support for WPF and windows form. Dot net core also supports cross development in between windows form and WPF. Now the developer has the flexibility of bringing modern interfaces of UWP into the WPF and windows form. 

if you are going to build a new app, then .net core is your first choice, and incoming new versions of .net core will become more proficient and provide more technologies within themselves. 

If you are thinking of cross-platform development then dot net core is your first choice. As discussed, the the.net core has support for all the operating systems, and as we have covered above. However, microservices are also now supported by dot net core. Also, the .net core suits more the containers because of its lightweight, modularity, and flexible structure. You can easily deploy .net core on containers. Hence working with .net core together with docker and Kubernetes services is much easier as compared to working with dot NET Framework docker and Kubernetes services. 

if you are looking for high performance and scalable system then.net core should be your first choice, and it's the top-performing web framework. Currently, also all versions of dot net core work together quite efficiently. You can easily execute various versions and apps as well on the same machine also as discussed, dot net core supports the latest version of C sharp and that is C sharp 9.

Hence .net core is a better choice if you want to target an app on all the operating systems. It's a better choice if you are ready to learn new things. It is a better choice if you are not afraid of breaking as well as doing new things as dot net core is now much more elaborate as compared to previous versions. If you are new to .net then .net core is your first choice and not dot NET Framework. Dot net core is your first choice if you love open source. 

Also, you can upgrade .net applications to dot net core with some exceptions. For more details, you can consult the Internet, though we will be having a separate blog for it soon. 

in a nutshell, dot net core is good for an experienced professional if he is not afraid of learning new things and it is a must as dot NET Framework will not exist for all times and we'll see in the next five to six years though it is assumed that it will be supported by Microsoft as so many websites and web applications have already been built-in dot NET Framework, and not all will be looking for migrating to new technologies. Therefore, it might be like Windows 7 is still supported by Microsoft as various developers still use Windows 7 for their development when Windows 10 has become so popular. The point is the already widespread use of the platform. 

Do remember that you can also migrate asp.net to asp.net core. However, there is some limitation when you migrate asp.net to dot net five environments. So please keep that in mind as not all asp.net previous versions are good to migrate to dot net 5 now. We will soon have a separate blog for it.

However, please do remember that designing concept remains the same for all may it be .net framework, dot net core, or.net 5, so there is not much big difference in designing when we talk of various available. 

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