AWS Certification – All you need to know

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- AWS Certifications Learning Path

We have three levels of certification. 

  • Professional, 

  • Associate, 

  • foundation 

Also, we have various types in each case: Solution Architect, Developer, and SysOps Engineer, and cloud practitioner. At the professional level, we have the Solution architect and the DevOps developer. At the associate level, we have the solution architect, SysOps Engineer, and Developer. At the foundation level, we have the cloud practitioner. AWS also provides various specialty courses.  Various specialty certificates are Advanced networking, security, Machine learning, Alexa Skill builder, Database, and Data Analytics. Naresh I Technologies is among the top 5 computer training institutes in India. Contact us if you are looking for AWS training, 

Various role-based learning paths for AWS certifications are available. Through it, you can build cloud skills and correctly move towards AWS certification. Some of the role-based learning paths are as below:

  • Cloud Practitioner Learning Path- This is for those who want to understand, build, and validate the AWS Cloud. This is essential for the individuals working in technical, managerial, purchasing, sales, or financial roles who are working with the AWS cloud. 

  • Architect Learning Path- It's for solution design engineers, solutions architects, or any who wants to learn the application and system designing on AWS. It can help you to build advanced technical skills as you progress to get the AWS certification.

  • Developer Learning Path- If you want to develop cloud applications on the AWS using API, then this is for you. Also, it builds technical skills.

  • Operations Learning Path- It's for the systems administrators, SysOps administrators, and those working on the DevOps role. You will learn how to deploy the applications, networks, and systems on the AWS cloud.

The above are the various role-based learning paths for the AWS Certification. 

- Benefits of AWS Certifications

Naresh I Technologies provides you with complete AWS training and Azure training. And we provide flexible timing, which is relevant to your role, level of expertise, and the solution area. On completion of training and passing of the exam, you will become an AWS Expert. 

  • You are free to pick your learning path for building cloud skills and get the AWS Certification.

  • You can also validate your AWS cloud skills and improve your credibility to get a better job.

The above are AWS certification advantages.

- AWS Job Prospects

The AWS Certified Solution Architect is most in-demand, according to Forbes. The average salary for this post is around $139,529. All the AWS certifications can provide you with a salary of over $100,000. For solution architects, the recruiters look for including the designing on the AWS, picking the most appropriate AWS services for business, data access both to and from the AWS, AWS cost estimation, and identifying the cost control measures related to the organization. 

And globally, in IT alone, you will find more than 380,000 cloud computing jobs. With cloud computing infused in all business forms, the requirement for qualified and certified cloud professionals is increasing. AWS currently is leading the race with a long list of companies who are ready to invest in the AWS tools as well as services. And that is a clear indication that AWS can bring enormous job opportunities.

 - Types of AWS Certification

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

The associate exams are for those who have some knowledge of designing distributed applications. As a candidate, you need to design, manage, and implement the application with the help of the tools and services from AWS.

Exam Details:

Format: Multiple-choice, multiple-answer

Time: 130 minutes (depending upon the new exam).

Cost: 150 USD.

What you need to learn:

  • Network technologies.

  • You will get a working knowledge of AWS-based applications of all kinds and understand how the front-end applications get connected to the AWS platform.

  • You will learn how to build secure and reliable applications on the AWS platform.

  • You will also learn how to deploy hybrid systems on any setup (for example, a data center).

  • You will also learn how to design highly available and scalable systems. You need to be familiar with AWS infrastructure as well as concepts, implementation, and deployment in the AWS, and various data security practices related to the AWS, the data recovery process, establishing the security, and troubleshooting. 

AWS Certified Developer – Associate

It deals with the development and maintenance of AWS-based applications and how to write actual code that uses the AWS software for accessing the AWS applications. 

Exam Details:

Format: Multiple-choice, multiple-answer

Time: 80 minutes

Cost: 150 USD

Areas Covered:

  • You will understand the basic AWS architecture and core AWS services.

  • Also, how to design, develop, deploy, and maintain the applications.

  • You will get practical knowledge of the applications that make use of AWS services like AWS databases, workflow services, notifications, storage services, and management services.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate  

It is for the system administrators. You require both technical expertise and conceptual knowledge of the operational aspects of the AWS platform. If you have Linux or Windows administration knowledge, then it will be a plus point.

Exam Details:

Format: Multiple-choice, multiple-answer

Time: 80 minutes

Cost: 150 USD

Areas Covered:

  • how to deploy the applications on the AWS platform

  • how to do the data transfer between the data centers and AWS.

  • You need to select the correct AWS services to meet the organization's requirements.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

It is one level up in associate technical skills and AWS-based applications. It requires complete technical skills and AWS-based skills.


You are an AWS-certified solutions Architect and associate.

At least two years of hands-on experience in designing and deploying the cloud architecture on AWS, and you should have the best knowledge of multi-application architectural design.

Exam Details:

Format: Multiple-choice, multiple-answer

Time: 170 minutes

Cost: 300 USD

Areas Covered:

  • how to architect design applications on the AWS.

  • You will understand how to select the AWS service required by the application.

  • You will get acquainted with the migration of complex application systems to AWS.

You will learn how to optimize the cost related to AWS.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

You need to have advanced and complete knowledge of provisioning, managing, and operating the applications on the AWS platform. You need to lay extra emphasis on continuous delivery and automation.


You are an associate AWS-certified developer or AWS-certified SysOps Administrator-Associate.

You should have experience in provisioning and managing AWS-based applications, as well as complete knowledge of the software application development lifecycle, and since it is DevOps, you should know the agile and lean development methodology.

Exam Details:

Format: Multiple-choice, multiple answers

Time: 170 minutes

Cost: 300 USD

Areas Covered:

  • You will come to know the fundamental Continuous delivery methodologies.

  • You will come to know how to implement Continuous Delivery systems.

  • You will come to know how to monitor and control the application while running on AWS.

  • You will understand how to design as well as manage the tools for enabling the automation of everything during the production stage.

Naresh I Technologies is one of the top 5 computer training institutes in India. Cloud computing is the number one skill currently in the IT world. Gartner also has confirmed that an IT professional cannot survive without cloud computing. Hence, it’s the right time to learn Cloud Computing. Contact us anytime to have a complete course on Cloud Computing. We provide a long list of AWS training and Azure training.