How to Become A Cloud Engineer?

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What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a technology used for providing facilities via the internet, the facilities like Compute, Storage, Database, Network Management, Security and governance, etc. and meanwhile also allowing the customer to manage the cost on their own, and pay for what they use and as they go via all sorts of payment methods. Is your desktop cheaper than cloud compute plus storage? You, through research, will find you are spending more. And when it comes to high-performance computing with large amounts of data, you, as a small developer, will run out of ideas. However, you need not worry as cloud computing can now bring to your desktop the extreme compute power and exabytes of storage capacity plus a long list of services and tools plus software usage facility without buying licenses right at your desktop browser with the least compute and storage capacity. And you need to pay for only your usage without worrying about any upfront commitment. And at the organization level, the use of the cloud becomes even more essential. The reason is one in all cases. However, you can serve your clients better at a reduced price via cloud than through old-fashioned computer labs. You thus can beat your competitors as you will be able to do the task at trending rates. Andy Jassy has correctly said, you cannot discard for long the essentials, as you are lost in the forest if you keep on neglecting it. Gartner confirms now the cloud is also an essential technology for all computer professionals, like the internet. AWS training hence is trending, as AWS is number one cloud service provider.

- How to Become A Cloud Engineer?

Cloud engineers study cloud engineering, which is an engineering discipline applied over cloud computing. It’s a well-planned approach to tackle the cloud computing applications necessities like standardization, commercialization, and governance. It leverages the engineering tools and strategies for perceiving, evolving, functioning, and sustaining the cloud computing systems and solutions.  It’s a manipulative process of the system for leveraging the economics and power of the resource provided through the cloud for solving business issues.

Becoming a Cloud Engineer is not that easy. However, here at Naresh I Technologies, we have prepared a precise yet complete course material for you to learn Cloud services and tools from top cloud service providers like AWS and Azure. Both AWS and Azure conduct certification exams as well like, AWS Certified Cloud Architect, developer, DevOps Engineer, etc. However, when we talk of a cloud engineer as one unit, such a person should have complete knowledge of the cloud services and tools, plus he should have practical experience of handling all use cases related to cloud computing. He should be a master at troubleshooting and should be capable enough to cover the task singlehandedly as well as a team. And the best way is to clear the examination conducted by AWS or Azure or Both. Google also, is in the race, and so is Oracle. And they too run the certification program. However, the most popular currently is the AWS and Azure cloud certification exams, and hence you should look for clearing these exams. And you do not need an engineering degree to sit in these exams. For complete guidance, you can contact us today. We can set up a DevOps learning environment for you, and assure that you will clear the exams with high grade.

- Understand Computing Fundamentals

As a prerequisite, we only want from you computing fundamental know-how. And if you are an expert system administrator with loads of experience, we can assure you of certification much early. However, even as a beginner, you need not worry as we teach from scratch. Our computer labs are up with the latest hardware facility, and we primarily provide classroom training. Hence, you can come and enjoy the classes on our premises, or you can attend them virtually from the comfort of your house with the latest virtual classroom facilities.

- Learn About Cloud Service Providers

As a cloud engineer, you first should have complete knowledge of cloud computing. However, you are not going to establish your cloud. Best is you should know about the top cloud service providers, and especially AWS and Azure, if not GCP and Oracle cloud. The best is you first become an AWS expert, and then gain experience with time and practice of other cloud service technologies trending. Also, keep in mind to remain successful, you must adapt to the changes with time, or else you might face failure.

- Practical Implementation

Theoretical knowledge of cloud technologies is essential. However, practical know-how is what matters the most. At Naresh I Technologies, we provide record hours of lab practice on AWS as well as Azure. And we teach a good number of use cases related to each service, and with practical training. We offer IEEE projects during training as well to our students. And by the end of the course, you will have both practical and theoretical knowledge of the cloud technology platform that you select like, AWS or Azure.

- Take a Structured Approach

AWS alone offers 175 services and numerous tools. Azure, too, has a long list. If you join our AWS course, we assure you of structured course material. Like there are storage services, computing services, database services, network services, identity and access management services, and much more, but a well-structured course is going to teach you the most fundamental unit first, and then the other will follow as per their requirements. Like keys in all mechanical keyboards are so arranged that the typing speed is maximum. Our course is also on the same pattern and helps our students to remember the most with the best error free information, both practical and theoretical. Regular meetings with the faculty make our students more knowledgeable, industry-ready, as well as smarter with sound words and no foul speaking. We make our students what top companies want their employees to be. And that's why our old students get placed in top companies all over the world. And our courses are always updated and based on the complete theory, practical and all that's trending. We know a Cloud Engineer should be patient and knowledgeable. And that's what we teach in our classrooms apart from the overall course material.

And we know there are always three groups of learners: professionals, an inexperienced, and the beginner. However, none of them should worry as our course material are cohesive as well as decoupled.  Also, we never fell short of our goals, at any scale. And our faculty are up with their task all the time. All students will find them available all the time and answering their questions no matter when they come up with it. 

And Naresh I Technologies is among the top five computer training institutes in India with highly experienced faculty. Contact us anytime for complete AWS training with certification from AWS. Courses on Azure are also available.