Top 10 Essential Technologies for Every Full Stack Dot Net Developer

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A full stack.net developer is in great demand these days with loads of jobs and a very good salary. It is one of the most lucrative skills set for a developer to have these days. We have already discussed loads of skill sets that are required for becoming a full stack.net developer. in this article, we will discuss the top 10 essential technologies that a full stack.net developer must-have for a great career and easy experience while working in any software development or web development company. So let's begin our article. Naresh I Technologies is the number one computer training institute in Hyderabad, and it is among the top five computer training institutes in India. Contact us anytime for your complete dot net training.

Source code management and version control toolkit

As a developer, the first thing that you need is hands-on experience with source code management tools like GIT. You need to learn all GIT commands and you need to understand how to place a code on stage and then post it to the remote repository and like that. You can contact us for a complete course in source code management tools like GIT. However, you need to learn GitHub as well or anyone like Bitbucket. Another example is SVN. There are two types of source code management toolkits. The first one is centralized and the second one is decentralized. We are not going to go deep here, and we assume that you have a short-term course in source code management and version control toolkit.


The second technology that you need to learn is DevOps. However, the first thing that you need to learn in DevOps is already discussed and that is source code management and version control toolkit. Hence you need to know how to push code to the remote repository and then the rest of The thing is done by DevOps setup. However, you need to have basic knowledge of DevOps for emergency use. 

Visual Studio

You need to have complete knowledge of Visual Studio as most of the coding you will be doing on this software. However, we also have the Visual Studio code add Visual Studio for Mac OS. Details have been already discussed in the past articles. And you need knowledge of the console procedures as well as CLI procedures. And when you will be working with dot net core then you will be mostly working with CLi. And you need to learn all the .net CLI commands. There is a long list of CLI commands and you can get the details from Microsoft's official website or you can contact us for more details.


Resharper makes the coding easier. You can refactor with the help of Resharper much easily and there are many other features that you will be getting through the ReSharper like you have got various prebuilt snippets that you can use instantly and most of the cases are being covered under these snippets, and hence it will save a lot of time for you. Also, you get the knowledge about each command throw this. This provides intelligence during coding. It's a very handy tool to have.

You can consult the Internet to learn various tools required for Visual Studio code for better coding or you can consult us for more details


Angular is a single-page application technology that is used to build single-page applications and these are front-end designs that you can integrate with a.net backend. This sort of integration is much more safe and secure. Also, you will find it's a lot easier to make a better front-end design with the help of angular and you will be using TypeScript with angular and not JavaScript. The demand for angular is increasing day by day however the concept of blazer which web assembly is also gaining ground. In the next, two to three years, angular might be replaced by this sort of skill at least for the .net development environment, and remember you need to use MVC or we're using a blazer and web assembly.


You need to have complete knowledge of MVC. MVC stands for the model view controller. and the model covers the database part, the Controller covers the code part and the view covers the designing part. it's always beneficial to code separately than designing part and the database part and the coding part, however, this is not possible through the asp.net webform. MVC has made it possible, however. Now you can create a view separately, database model separately, and do the coding part to connect the view to the model. Here you will need to use routing for routing the view to the correct controller. All this is done through a URL in which the controller and the view and the controller map to view with the action. The controller is the process. The database is connected through the controller with the view and that is routing. And if you look deeply then this is MVC. However, routing is also available in asp.net form though the new version of the .net 5 asp.net web form will not be existing, so you do not need that knowledge now. If you have to learn MVC in detail then other factors like view bag etc. you need to learn by heart and these are the base of the MVC. Make sure that you have complete knowledge of the MVC as mostly you are going to use MVC.

Entity Framework

You are going to use an extensive entity framework. There are three things that you need to learn in entity framework and that is database programming using code first, model first, and database first approach. Make sure you know all these three as you might have used one of them this and it depends upon the circumstances in which you need to use each other. 

identity management and access control

Remember authentication and authorization is a must for you and you need to know the new authentication authorization methods. You need to install dependency for the Identity class and then you can make use of it. It's a much-advanced technique and through it, you can do social media-based authentication as well. With new features coming out you might have soon the option to use biometrics multifactor authentication and mobile app-based authentication, two-factor authentication as well as identity-based management is going on becoming more complex as hacking and cybersecurity is now a new sequence for the developers. It's a complete syllabus and subject now the access management and if you have time for a better future, you must have complete detail of the latest from the access management and role-based. For more details, you can contact us.


it is not so that .net controls are going to seize. You are still going to use them but you are not going to use them in the asp.net webform anymore you have to use them in the MVC and as our new frameworks. However, controls are available in many forms and asp.net controls are not just an option for you. You have control from Telerik Silverlight and for windows form you have WPF and for web form you have many other options available. And many companies make controls and you can make use of all those controls, some of which are paid and some of which are free to use. However, the center point out here is that you need to learn maximum controls as you see we generally use HTML5 controls in MVC, however, we can make use of other controls as well.

Web Designing

Web designing experience you need to learn web designing concepts like jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, bootstrap, and various others. 

Other than this we have to use technologies like LINQ and ADO.net and various others. However, the above are the top 10 technologies that you need to discuss and have in mind though many other are good for discussing and will be in the later blogs. and that completes our article.

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