Who is Data Scientist?

Who is Data Scientist?

Know Who is Data Scientist

Read this informative article to know who is Data Scientist?, A data scientist deals with huge amount of data. In Today’s world where data is generated at a fast pace and data scientist deals with this mess. Data gathered for analysis is not perfect at all. Data scientistsperform various processes and tasks to make it usable for decision makers. Data scientists have formidable skills in mathematics, statistics, and programming. These skills help them organize data at different hierarchy levels to get useful information for better decision making. Let’s read about who data scientist is and what are the roles and responsibilities of data scientist.

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Data Scientists

Data scientists are the skilled professional who is capable enough to perform the various process to make data useful for end users.

  • Gathered data is redundant, data scientist clean and organize data.
  • Scientists’ main agenda is to get hidden insight from data which is not accessible easily.
  • Design strategies for carrying analysis process.
  • Zero in on methods used for analysis.
  • They use various analytic tools like industry knowledge, contextual understanding and existing information for the analysis process.


 Roles and Responsibilities Data Scientists

  • Basic responsibility is to conduct research and understand the need of customers/organizations.
  • Gather information from multiple resources like Internal and external resources.
  • They must clean data to remove irrelevant information from huge volumes of data.
  • Apply various analytical tools, algorithms and prepare data for predictive analysis.
  • Solve business-related problems using data-driven (data science techniques) technique.
  • Their main role is to make data available for predictive analysis. To achieve that data scientists must examine each and every data set.
  • Must possess skills to work with R, SAS, and Python, programming languages used in building algorithms.
  • Decide which strategies could be used for analysis (machine learning algorithm, programming language).
  • Explore data in order to find weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities that might be beneficial for predictive analysis.
  • Data scientists must process, clean and verify the integrity of data used for analysis.
  • Must work with queries so a data scientist should have knowledge of SQL.
  • Data scientists must possess skills like mathematics, Statistics, and programming knowledge.
  • They must design the algorithm and build new tools for automating the process of data analysis.
  • Must be aware of big data tools and technologies.
  • Data scientists must pass on the information gathered during the analysis phase. They must communicate procedures carried for analysis and its outcome.
  • Communicate results and reports in a simple manner to decision makers.
  • Must be aware of machine learning algorithms.
  • Recommend/suggest appropriate strategies to management and IT professional (responsible for carrying various operations) through reports and data visualization.


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