What is Data Lake?

What is Data Lake?

what-is-Data-LakeData Lake is a method of storing data within a system in its natural form. In Data Lake you can store various collections of data that could be of any form. In big data we are dealing with huge amount of data that could be stored in the form of structured, nonstructured form. With Data Lake you can store both structured as well as non-structured data. Traditional database don’t offer analytical tools that offer business insight. Data Lake makes it easy for business professionals and developers to store huge amount of data. This tutorial will give you insight about what is Data Lake and how it could be used effectively while working with big data.

What is Data Lake?

Data Lake definition: Data Lake is a method of storing data within a system in its natural form. Data Lake allows you to store massive amount of data at a centralized location, which is readily available for process and analyzing. Data Lake deals with storing data in the format as it’s and it eliminates headache of converting and processing for analysis ready.

Features: With Data Lake you can store any type of data

  • At low cost you can store huge amount of data
  • Provides better security thus preventing access
  • It allow users to find relevant data
  • Perform new types of analysis with Data Lake
With Data Lakes users can perform all types of processing and analytics across platforms and languages. It offers streaming and interactive analysis to work with data faster. You can integrate all services like operational stores and data warehouses that are currently in use. Data Lake offer services that are ready to use, this increasing productivity and scalability.
With this you can;
  • Perform unlimited analytics
  • Use cloud Hadoop for enterprises needs
  • Unlimited data analytics for big data
  • Develop, debug and optimize data programs with ease
  • Integrate your existing IT infrastructure
  • Store and analyze petabytes of data
  • Analyze Millions of objects
  • High level security

Data Lake is cost effective and it’s easily affordable. You can choose on-demand clusters or per as per requirement while processing data. Data being gathered from various resources is accepted by Data Lake. Filtering is not performed in Data Lake, just like we do in traditional databases.

  • Data Lake supports all types of data that makes it easy for developers to work on any type of data on the go. Many organizations don’t allow their staff to access whole amount of data. Data Lake allows users to access most of the data. Most of Data Lake users are operational.
  • Planning to change infrastructure with Data Lake, could be done pretty easily. Data Lake adapts changes pretty easily. You can easy access to data that is stored on the servers. You can get faster insight about data with Data Lake.
  • Data Lake used with Big data offers lots of features and options to work with huge amount of data. Data Lake makes this process fast and simple.

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