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Microservices Security Training

Microservices Security Training Course Curriculum Microservices architecture overview – an Echo system Spring Security 5.x Overview 1.Security Audit Report with vulnerabilities and Prevention techniques Cross-Site Scripting Cross-Site Request Forgery Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Security HTTP response headers 2.Spring Security,Advantages and Versions 3.Core Modules,Components and Architecture of Spring Security 4.The Spring Security Filter Chain Core Security Filters Customized Security Filter Filters Order and Flow Microservices Security 1.The Edge Security- Oauth2.0 2.Access Control XACML Embedded PDP 3.The Crypto Module Encryption Password Encoding Client Certificate Authentication with TLS Understanding the Public Key and Private key Configuring the Trust Store 4.Enable Transport Layer Security (TLS) 5.Setting Up an OAuth [...]