Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks

Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks

Javascript framework is an application framework that allows developer to quicken web development process. It is developed using JavaScript. Main intention of developing JavaScript framework is develop tools that would quicken web development process using existing code. Unlike JavaScript these tools will help you fasten development process by using inbuilt and predefined functions. Let’s see what JavaScript framework is and how it has transformed web development process.

What is JavaScript Framework?

  • “JavaScript framework is tools which consist of various built-in and predefined functions”.
  • For web developers JavaScript framework serves as a blue print and you can build amazing applications around it.
  • It gives you freedom to focus on what you want to achieve (in terms of design and web pages) rather than worrying about code and its reuse.

Why JavaScript frameworks

  • With JavaScript frameworks you can achieve great amount of efficiency. Built in functions and patterns allow you to use deliver projects much faster.
  • Frameworks are cost effective in fact most of them are open source and free.
  • They provide solutions for all the common problems that would be needed by developers.
  • It’s simple and easy to implement you don’t have to worry about how they are implemented and all.

Advantages of using JavaScript Framework

There are many advantages of using JavaScript framework. They are
Code for every situation
  • Thousands of lines of code would be available with JavaScript framework. Don’t bother about developing your own. Be a smart developer and use what is on offer.
  • Don’t start from the scratch. Frameworks have something to offer for every situation.

 Do wonders with less code

  • JavaScript provides many fabulous functions and chaining is one of them.
  • Chaining function give you luxury to do wonders (more) with less code. Thus increasing efficiency of product development.
  • With less code you can save lots of expenses on maintenance and less download time.
Save time
  • By using predefined functions you can save time as you don’t have to bang your head for writing 100’s of lines of code
  • Ultimately reducing the amount of code for webpage will increase its speed and efficiency.
Speed up your apps
  • JavaScript frameworks are fast. Developers have put lots of effort to make frameworks fast, which could reduce the burden of programmers.
  • App users or web users expect speed, accuracy and JavaScript framework allows you to achieve that with ease.

JavaScript Framework example

Popularity of JavaScript framework is increasing immensely simple because JavaScript frameworks are awesome to work with. Various JavaScript frameworks are;
  • Angular JS
  • React JS
  • Vue.js
  • Ember.js
  • Meteor.js


JavaScript frameworks are used to develop web pages and applications that are fast and efficient. Remember JavaScript framework is used to fasten web development. Choose JavaScript frameworks based on your goals and requirements rather than focusing on functionalities offered by various JavaScript frameworks. JavaScript frameworks have already made their mark and it’s expected to grow thick and fast.

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