PEGA Cloud Platform

PEGA Cloud Platform

Pega-Cloud-Platform-nareshitTechnology is advancing every day and its transforming our lives to a whole new level. PEGA cloud platform is one such platform that empowers people to rapidly employ, easily extend and change applications to meet strategic business needs. PEGA offers award-winning services in CRM and BPM that are powered with artificial intelligence and robotic automation. PEGA offer various services that help organizations to deliver services in exceptional manner. With PEGA cloud you can optimize customer experience and automate various processes. Let’s read about PEGA cloud platform and how it helps you transform your business.

PEGA cloud platform

PEGA cloud is one leading platform that help you deploy various applications, accelerate business with great efficiency, improve security of all your services. Let’s see the features of PEGA cloud platform and how it could affect your business.

PEGA Cloud Features

  • Build better with PEGA cloud – PEGA cloud platform offers variety of features that help you access, create, test, deploy and manage applications.
  • Flexible – With PEGA you can run multiple deployment options. You can run those applications in cloud or physical locations (could be used at both locations).
  • Trusted – PEGA offers fast, secure and robust services that would help organizations transform their business with ease.
  • CRM Cloud – PEGA CRM cloud is helping enterprises revolutionize customer engagement process with end-to-end automation and real time artificial intelligence.
  • PEGA’s artificial intelligence and decision making management help you improve response rate by 6 times and good ROI as well.
  • With PEGA cloud platform you can develop or extend applications without bothering about infrastructure at all.
  • Integrated DevOps – PEGA cloud platform is integrated with DevOps that ensures smooth workflow between development and deployment team.
  • Trust Center – PEGA offers cloud services in compliance with standards that every organization would love to work with and ensure high reliability and security.

PEGA cloud could be used in diverse fields that are;

  • Manufacturing and high technology
  • Life science
  • Insurance
  • Financial services
  • Communications
  • Healthcare
  • Government

Advantages of PEGA

  • PEGA offers business-friendly toolkit for BPM that help users in modeling processes with less complicated technical syntax.
  • You can automate process like document handling, approvals and decision making with ease. Business professionals will get liberty to capture and process workflow in simple way.
  • PEGA services are like design once and deployed everywhere. You can replicate code or interface used for one application to another with ease (all you have to do is change content related to particular case).
Above are some of the features of PEGA cloud and how its transforming business to become more intelligent. PEGA is expected to grow thick and fast which makes business people to adapt these wonderful features for all your needs. Stay tuned for more updates on PEGA cloud that help you transform your business to new level.

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