New Batches in Hyderabad

C#.NETMr. Bangar Raju24th October11:00 AMFast Track
CORE JAVAMr. Satish Gupta25th October11:00 AMFast Track
C LanguageMr. Kishore24th October9.00 AMFast Track
DEVOPSMr. Sunil24th October9:00 AMDur: 45 Days
CORE JAVAMr. Bala Krishna24th October6:00 PMFast Track
NODEJSMr. Samba24th October7:30 PMDur: 40 Days
PYTHONMr. Srinivas23rd October7:00 AMDur: 40 Days
C#.NETMr. Satish P22nd October9:00 AMFast Track
ANGULAR JSMr. Sudhakar Sharma22nd October9:00 AMDur: 45 Days
CORE JAVAMr. Venkatesh22nd October9:00 AMFast Track
ORACLEMr. Vijay Kumar22nd October2:00 PMFast Track
CRTMiss. Poojitha22nd October4:00 PMDur: 35 Days
AWSMr. Sai22nd October6:00 PMDur: 45 Days MVC coreMr. Sudhakar Sharma22nd October7:30 PMDur: 45 Days
CORE JAVAMr. Vaman22nd October4:00 PMSpecial Batch
ORACLEMr. Sharma22nd October2:00 PMSpecial Batch
ADV.JAVAMr. Ramachandra23rd October6:00 PMSpecial Batch
HTML/JavaScriptMr. Naveen16th October2:00 PMDur: 45 Days
ASP.NET with MVCReal-Time Expert15th October4:00 PMFast Track
HADOOPReal Time Expert15th October11:00 AMDur: 45 Days
PHP with MySQLMr. Ram15th October9:00 AMDur: 45 Days
SQL SERVERMr. Sudhakar L15th October6:00 PMDur: 35 Days
CORE JAVAMr. Bala Krishna15th October11:00 AMFast Track
REACT JSReal-Time Expert15th October8:00 AMDur: 35 Days
SELENIUMMr. Manoj15th October9:00 AMDur: 45 Days
AWSMr. Avinash15th October9:00 AMDur: 45 Days
ANGULAR 6Mr. Samba15th October11:00 AMDur: 60 Days
PYTHONMr. Subba Raju15th October11:00 AMDur: 40 Days
CRTMr. Hari Shankar15th October2:00 PMDur: 35 Days
DS through CReal-Time Expert15th October7:00 PMDur: 30 Days
DATA SCIENCEMr. Navin15th October`7:30 AMDur: 90 Days
DEVOPSMr. Sunil15th October7:30 AMDur: 45 Days
C LanguageMr. Kishore15th October6.00 PMFast Track
C LanguageMrs. Bindhu15th October11.00 AMFast Track
iOS (iPhone)Mr. Madhav15th October7:00 AMNormal Track
XML/WebServicesReal-Time Expert15th October7:00 AMNormal Track
CodeIgniterMr. Ram15th October7:00 AMDur: 45 Days
SalesForce CRMMr. Kishore15th October9:00 AMDur: 60 Days
Digital MarketingMr. Rakesh15th October7:30 PMDur: 45 Days
ORACLEMr. Murali15th October6:00 PMNormal Track
CourseDateTime (IST)DurationRegistraion
HADOOP23rd Oct 7.00 AM40 Hrs
Special Offer:
Rs. 15,000/- Only

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Diploma in
23rd Oct 6.00 AM90 Hrs
Special Offer:
Rs. 30,000/- Only
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ADV.JAVA23rd Oct 6.00 AM40 Hrs
Special Offer:
Rs. 5,000/- Only
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RPA (Blue Prism)24th Oct 7.00 AM20 Hrs
Special Offer:
Rs. 12,000/- Only
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CORE JAVA24th Oct 8.30 AM40 Hrs
Special Offer:
Rs. 6,000/- Only
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24th Oct 9.00 PM35 Hrs
Special Offer:
Rs. 12,000/- Only
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Angular 2,4,5 & 6in this Week5.00 AM40 Hrs

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C#.NETin this Week7.00 PM35 Hrs
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PYTHONin this Week9.30 PM30 Hrs
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DevOpsin this Week7.30 AM40 Hrs
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SELENIUMin this Week7.00 AM40 Hrs
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ORACLEin this Week7.30 PM50 Hrs

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Digital Marketingin this Week6.30 AM35 Hrs

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SQL Serverin this Week6.00 AM30 Hrs

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in this Week6.00 AM40 Hrs
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Windows Azurein this Week7.00 AM30 HrsRegister Now
UI Technologiesin this Week7.00 AM40 hrs
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SQL SERVERin this Week5.00 AM 40 Hrs
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Spark with Scalain this Week8.00 AM40 Hrs
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SPRINGin this Week9.00 PM40 Hrs
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Asp.Net MVCin this Week7.00 AM35 Hrs
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C Languagein this Week7.00 AM30 Hrs
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JavaScriptin this Week6.00 AM20 Hrs

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Windows AZUREin this Week7.00 AM30 Hrs
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LINUXin this Week6:00 AM30 Hrs

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IoTin this Week7.00 AM30 Hrs
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Blockchainin this Week6.00 AM40 HrsRegister Now
ANGULAR 2,4,5 & 6SEPETEMBER7.30 AM40 HrsRegister Now
CourseTimeStart DateDurationRegistration
Digital Marketing9:00 AM13th & 14th Oct5 WeekendsRegister
Spring Cloud, Security10:00 AM27th & 28th Oct2 DaysRegister
Artificial Intelligence10:00 AM27th & 28th Oct8 WeekendsRegister
HADOOP2 WeekendsRegister
CORE JAVA5 WeekendsRegister
ORACLE5 WeekendsRegister
BLUE PRISM5 WeekendsRegister
Spring Boot, MicroServices2 DaysRegister
ANGULARJS2 DaysRegister
Course NameFaculty NameDateTimeRegister
Java Real-Time ProjectBy Real-Time Expert27th September7.00AM
RPA Real-Time ProjectBy Real Time Expert27th September9.00 AM
.NET Real-Time ProjectBy Real-Time Expert5:00 PM
Real-Time Project on PHPRegister Now
Captche ImplementationMr.Nataraj1st Aug7.00 PMRegister Now
Resume PreparationMr.Nataraj2nd Aug9.00 AMFree Workshop
SVNReal Time Expert2nd Aug5.00 PMFree Workshop
Java Mail APIMr.Nataraj30th & 31st July7.00 PMFree Workshop
Project Coding Classes on .NETTeam of Expert3-Apr-144.00 PMfor Project Students