.NET IEEE Projects

.NET IEEE Projects

TechnologyProject TitleYEARDomainAbstractEnroll!
.NETA New Lightweight Symmetric Searchable Encryption Scheme for String Identification2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
.NETEnabling Efficient and Geometric Range Query with Access Control over Encrypted Spatial Data2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
.NETHedonic Pricing of Cloud Computing Services2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
.NETKarma: Cost-effective Geo-replicated Cloud Storage with Dynamic Enforcement of Causal Consistency.2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
.NETOn the efficiency of cloud providers: A DEA approach incorporating categorical variables2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
.NETSEPDP: Secure and Efficient Privacy Preserving Provable Data Possession in Cloud Storage.2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
.NETAn SLA-Aware Cloud Coalition Formation Approach for Virtualized Networks2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
.NETSeSPHR: A Methodology for Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in the Cloud2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
.NETTKSE: Trustworthy Keyword Search Over Encrypted Data With Two-Side Verifiability via Blockchain2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
.NETProject: virtFlow: Guest Independent Execution Flow Analysis across Virtualized Environments.2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
.NETAttributed Network Alignment: Problem Definitions and Fast Solutions2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
.NETAutomated Influence Maintenance in Social Networks: an Agent-based Approach2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
.NETCFOND: Consensus Factorization for Co-Clustering Networked Data2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
.NETCRAFTER: a Tree-ensemble Clustering Algorithm for Static Datasets with Mixed Attributes and High Dimensionality.2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
.NETEMOMA: Exact Match in One Memory Access2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
.NETFrequent Item sets Mining with Differential
Privacy over Large-Scale Data
2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
.NETHPPQ: A Parallel Package Queries Processing Approach for Large-Scale Data2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
.NETLearning Customer Behaviors for Effective Load Forecasting2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
.NETNormalization of Duplicate Records from Multiple Sources2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
.NETPrivate Graph: Privacy-Preserving Spectral Analysis of Encrypted Graphs in the Cloud2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
.NETReader Comment Digest through Latent Event Facets and News Specificity2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
.NETTransPath: Representation Learning for Heterogeneous Information Networks via Translation Mechanism2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
.NETUser Preference Analysis for Most Frequent
2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
.NETFast Adaptive Bilateral Filtering2018Image ProcessingDownloadReg.Now
.NETNew Framework of Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted JPEG Bitstreams2018Image ProcessingDownloadReg.Now
.NETABSI: An Adaptive Binary Splitting Algorithm for Malicious Meter Inspection in Smart Grid2018Information SecurityDownloadReg.Now
.NETREAD: Reverse engineering of automotive data frames2018Information SecurityDownloadReg.Now
.NETGene Wave: Fast Authentication and Key Agreement on Commodity Mobile Devices2018NetworkingDownloadReg.Now
.NETProbability Prediction-Based Reliable and Efficient Opportunistic Routing Algorithm for VANETs2018NetworkingDownloadReg.Now
.NETUmbrella: Enabling ISPs to Offer Readily Deployable and Privacy-Preserving DDoS Prevention Services.2018NetworkingDownloadReg.Now

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