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Course Objectives

MongoDB Online Training Course Objectives

Course MongoDB Online Training Curriculum

Introduction to MongoDB

  • Differentiate database categories
  • Learn MongoDB design goals
  • List MongoDB tools
  • Describe JSON and BSON
  • Install MongoDB on Windows, Linux, MAC OS etc.
  • Setup MongoDB environment

Schema Design and Data Modelling

  • Data Modelling Concepts
  • Why Data Modelling? Data Modelling Approach
  • Analogy between RDBMS & MongoDB Data Model, MongoDB Data Model (Embedding & Linking)
  • Challenges for Data Modelling in MongoDB
  • Data Model Examples and Patterns
  • Model Tree Structures
  • Model Specific Application Contexts
  • Use Case discussion of Data modelling

CRUD in Mongo

  • MongoDB Development Architecture
  • MongoDB Production Architecture
  • MongoDB CRUD Introduction, MongoDB CRUD Concepts
  • MongoDB CRUD Concerns
  • Concern Levels, Journaling, etc.,
  • Cursor Query Optimizations, Query Behaviour in MongoDB
  • Distributed Read & Write Queries
  • MongoDB Datatypes
  • MongoDB CRUD Syntax & Queries ]

Indexing and Aggregation Framework

  • Index Introduction,
  • Index Concepts,
  • Index Types,
  • Index Properties
  • Index Creation and Indexing Reference
  • Introduction to Aggregation
  • Approach to Aggregation
  • Types of Aggregation
  • Pipeline
  • Single Purpose

MongoDB Administration

  •  Administration concepts in MongoDB
  • Monitoring issues related to Database
  • Monitoring at Server, Database, Collection level
  • Monitoring tools related to MongoDB
  • Database Profiling
  • Locks
  • Memory Usage
  • No of connections
  • Backup and Recovery Methods for MongoDB
  • Export and Import of Data to and from MongoDB
  • Run time configuration of MongoDB
  • Data Managements in MongoDB (Capped Collections/ Expired data from TTL)

Scalability and Availability

  • Introduction to Replication (High Availability)
  • Concepts around Replication
  • What is Replica Set and Master Slave Replication?
  • Type of Replication in MongoDB
  • How to setup a replicated cluster & managing replica sets
  • Introduction to Sharding (Horizontal Scaling),
  • Concepts around Sharding,
  • Config Server, Query Router
  • How to setup a Sharding,
  • Type of Sharding (Hash Based, Range Based)
  • Managing Shards.

MongoDB Security

  • Security Introduction
  • Security Concepts
  • Integration of MongoDB with Jaspersoft
  • Integration of MongoDB with Java
  • Integration of MongoDB with GUI Tool Compass
  • Case Study MongoDB and Node

Application Engineering and MongoDB Tools

  • MongoDB Package Components
  • Configuration File Options
  • MongoDB Limits and Thresholds
  • Connection String URI Format/ Integration of any compatible tool with
  • MongoDB API and Drivers for MongoDB
  • MMS (MongoDB Monitoring Service)
  • HTTP and Rest Interface
  • Integration with R

MongoDB on the Cloud

  • Overview of MongoDB Cloud products
  • Using Cloud Manager to monitor MongoDB deployments
  • Introduction to MongoDB Stitch
  • MongoDB Cloud Atlas


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