Java IEEE Projects

Java IEEE Projects

TechnologyProject TitleYEARDomainAbstractEnroll!
JAVADetecting Performance Anomalies in Cloud Platform Applications2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
JAVAEfficient Retrieval over Documents Encrypted by Attributes in Cloud Computing2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
JAVAEfficient Traceable Authorization Search System for Secure Cloud Storage2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
JAVAA Key-Policy Attribute-Based Temporary Keyword Search scheme for Secure Cloud Storage2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
JAVAProfit Maximization for Cloud Brokers in Cloud Computing2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
JAVAProvably Secure and Lightweight Identity-Based Authenticated Data Sharing Protocol for Cyber-Physical Cloud Environment2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
JAVARRect: A Novel Server-Centric Data Center Network with High Power Efficiency and Availability2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
JAVATowards Shared Ownership in the Cloud2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
JAVAVirtual Machine Extrospection: A Reverse
Information Retrieval in Clouds
2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
JAVAVMGuard: A VMI-based Security Architecture for Intrusion Detection in Cloud Environment2018Cloud ComputingDownloadReg.Now
JAVAUtilization-Aware Trip Advisor in Bike-sharing Systems Based on User Behavior Analysis2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
JAVADLTA: A Framework for Dynamic Crowd sourcing Classification Tasks2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
JAVAFinding Optimal Skyline Product Combinations under Price Promotion2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
JAVANAIS: Neural Attentive Item Similarity Model for Recommendation2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
JAVANHAD: Neuro-Fuzzy Based Horizontal Anomaly
Detection In Online Social Networks
2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
JAVAOnline Product Quantization2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
JAVASDE: A Novel Clustering Framework Based on Sparsity-Density Entropy2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
JAVASecure and Efficient Skyline Queries on Encrypted Data2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
JAVATAKer: Fine-Grained Time-AwareMicroblog Search with Kernel Density Estimation2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
JAVATUB-HAUPM: Tighter Upper Bound for Mining High Average-Utility Patterns2018Data MiningDownloadReg.Now
JAVAHalftone Image Watermarking by Content Aware Double-sided Embedding Error Diffusion2018Image ProcessingDownloadReg.Now
JAVASPSIM: A SuperPixel-based SIMilarity Index for Full-reference Image Quality Assessment2018Image ProcessingDownloadReg.Now
JAVAAnFRA: Anonymous and Fast Roaming Authentication for Space Information Network2018Information SecurityDownloadReg.Now
JAVAEnabling Identity-Based Integrity Auditing and Data Sharing With Sensitive Information Hiding for Secure Cloud Storage2018Information SecurityDownloadReg.Now
JAVAGeneration of Secure and Reliable Honey words, Preventing False Detection2018Information SecurityDownloadReg.Now
JAVARiskLaine: A Probabilistic Approach for Assessing Risk in Certificate-Based Security2018Information SecurityDownloadReg.Now
JAVACompetitive Bike: Competitive Analysis and Popularity Prediction of Bike-Sharing Apps
Using Multi-Source Data
2018Mobile ComputingDownloadReg.Now
JAVAFooDNet: Toward an Optimized Food Delivery Network based on Spatial Crowdsourcing.2018Mobile ComputingDownloadReg.Now
JAVAMOERA: Mobility-agnostic Online Resource Allocation for Edge Computing2018Mobile ComputingDownloadReg.Now
JAVAPrivacy-preserving Crowd-sourced Statistical Data Publishing with An Untrusted Server2018Mobile ComputingDownloadReg.Now
JAVAAn Efficient Computation Offloading Management Scheme in the Densely Deployed Small Cell Networks With Mobile Edge Computing2018NetWorkingDownloadReg.Now
JAVAARTEMIS: Neutralizing BGP Hijacking Within a Minute2018NetWorkingDownloadReg.Now
JAVAIntelligent Data Transportation in Smart Cities: A Spectrum-Aware Approach2018NetWorkingDownloadReg.Now
JAVAICE Buckets: Improved Counter Estimation
For Network Measurement
JAVAUniROPE: Universal and Robust Packet Trajectory Tracing for Software-Defined Networks2018NetWorkingDownloadReg.Now

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