C#.NET Online Training

C#.NET Online Training

csharpnet online training

About C#.NET Online Training

C# .Net is created by Microsoft. It is a very popular language. It was developed by Anders Hejlsberg. It is one of the most popular languages which is used in different organizations. It is modern and general purpose language. C#.Net is designed for common language only. It is completely object-oriented. Also a component oriented language. C#.NET Online Training is simple and easy to learn. We can say it is a part of .Net framework. It is mostly based on C and C++ programing languages. Enroll today and attend C#.net course by real-time expert

Course Objectives

What are the C#.NET Online Training Objectives?

  • Complete knowledge of C#.Net
  • Able to build C# application
  • Learn and apply OOAD concept
  • Able to developed Window-based Application
  • Learn handling and delegates of events
  • Creating and handling of multi-threading

Who should go for this C#.NET Online Course?

  • Any IT experienced Professional who are interested to develop the application in C#.Net programing language.
  • Any B.E/ B.Tech/ BSC/ M.C.A/ M.Sc Computers/ M.Tech/ BCA/ BCom College Students in any stream.
  • Fresh Graduates.


  • .Net programming concepts
  • C Language

Course Curriculum

  • .Net Framework
  • Features of .Net
  • Common Type System
  • Common Language Specification
  • Common Language Runtime
  • MSIL
  • Base Class Library
  • Assemblies
  • Garbage Collection
  • Stack and Heap
  • Architecture of GC
  • Application Domain
  • Silver Light
  • Multi-Targeting
  • Multi-Framework Support
  • LINQ
  • Cloud
  • ASP.NET MVC Web Application
  • Sharepoint Project
  • Silverlight Project
  • Metro UI Application Develoopment
  • Gaming Applications
  • HTML5 and CSS 3 Integration
  • Semantic Code Analysis
  • Introduction to VC#
  • Features of VC#
  • Data Types
  • Value Types and Reference Types
  • Type Conversion
  • Boxing and UnBoxing
  • Basic Programming Constructs
  • Statements and Expressions
  • Methods, Arrays
  • Structures and Enumerations
  • Classes and Objects
  • Interface
  • Data Encapsulation, Data Abstraction
  • Fields and Properties
  • Access Modifiers
  • Abstract Classes and Sealed Classes
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Static and Instance Members
  • Inheritance
  • Method Overloading and Overriding
  • Operator Overloading
  • Delegate – Unicast and Multicast
  • Event Handling
  • Collection,Dictionaries,String,String builder
  • Indexers
  • Attributes, Namespaces,Generics
  • Anonymous methods, Iterators
  • Partial Types
  • Nullable Types
  • Windows Forms
  • Controls, their Properties and Events
  • Programming with Advanced Controls
  • Structured Error Handling
  • Debugging the Application
  • Dubug and Trace Classes
  • Introduction to ADO.NET
  • ADO.NET Architecture
  • ADO.NET Managed Providers
  • Connection and Command Objects
  • DataReader
  • DataAdapter and DataSet
  • DataRelations and DataSet
  • Connected and Disconnected Environment
  • Connection Pooling
  • ADO.NET Exceptions
  • Using Stored Procedures
  • N-tier Application
  • ADO.NET and XML
  • LINQ
  • Linq to object
  • Linq to sql
  • Linq to XML
  • ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • Object Relational Mapping
  • XML basics
  • System.Xml Namespace
  • Classess related to XML
  • XML Derived Technologies- XSD,XSL,SOAP,WSDL
  • Thread Life Cycle
  • Thread Synchronization
  • Introduction to Assemblies
  • Disadvantages of COM
  • Creating Private and Shared Assemblies
  • Strong name, GAC, COM Interoperability
  • Satellite Assembly
  • Distributed Architecture
  • Remoting and Web Service Comparison
  • DCOM
  • Drawbacks of DCOM
  • Channels, Formatters, Activation
  • Service Base Class
  • Service Installer
  • Service Process installer
  • Install Utility
  • Different Versions of Crystal Reports
  • Developing a Crystal Report
  • Setup and Deployment
  • Introduction
  • Contracts
  • Security
  • Using different protocols etc



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