AWS Interview Questions and Answers

AWS Interview Questions and Answers

AWS Interview Questions

Name AWS Pricing Model?

Pricing Models in Aws are :

  • Reserved Instance
  • On demand Instance
  • spot instance

Amazon Web Services comes under which cloud-computing ?

  • AWS falls Under Infrastructure as a service cloud-computing category.

Name of Amazon’s tech support and consulting business?

  • AWS Premium Support

Some AWS services which are not region-specific?

  • List of some AWS services that are not region specific are as follows:
    a. Cloud front
    b. Route53
    c. web application firewall
    d. IAM

Are both Solaris and AIX Operating systems are available with AWS?

  • No,both Solaris and AIX operating systems are not available with AWS

To Perform real-time monitoring of aws services which service is used?

  • Amazon Cloudwatch

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For Mobile and web apps which one allows you to add user sign-up and sign-in?

  • Amazon Cognito

Which of the services are used to allocate private and public IP addresses to communicate with the internet?

  • Amazon VPC (VPC- Virtual Private Cloud)

ElastiCache is a type of web service which makes it easy to set up, scale and operate relational database in the cloud?

  • a.True
  • b.False
    Answer: True

Which of the following statements are true?

  • a. Availability Zones are global
  • b. Regions are global
  • c. each region has one availability zone
  • d. all the above
    Answer:b.Regions are global

Which is the service is used to access consultants and human researchers to solve problems on a temporary basis?

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk

Which Of the following services is built on the Hadoop framework using Elastic Compute Cloud?

  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce

First Service offered by Amazon to transfer data?

  • Disk

AWS reaches customers in how many countries?

  • 190

S3 is abbreviated as?

  • Simple Storage Service

Types Of AMI’s in AWS?

  • 1. Instance store backed  2 .EBS backed

Authentications In AWS?

  • 1. Access Key  2. User Name/password  3. session Token

Central Application Service in AWS?

  • Amazon Simple Queue Service

AMI stands for?

  • AMI – Amazon Machine Image

How many numbers of default buckets can be created in AWS?

  • 100 buckets for each AWS account

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How many subnets are there per vpc?

  • 200 subnets per vpc

Boot time taken for instance store – backed AMI?

  • Boot time taken for instance stored backed AMI is Less than 5 minutes.

What are the different cloud services?

There are 4 types of cloud services.

  • SaaS – Software as a Service
  • DaaS – Data as a Service
  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service
  • PaaS – Platform as a Service

What is the type of distribution for CloudFront?

  • ‘streaming and downloading

What is Exception?

  • It is a run time error.
  • Exception either pre-defined class or user defined class.

What are the pipelines in AWS Elastic Transcoder?

  • These are the Queues that manage transcoding jobs.

Which is called the AWS petabyte-scale data warehouse?

  • Redshift

Through which security service AWS provides storage for cryptographic Keys?

  • CloudHSM

AWS allows consolidated billing for one account to pay for multiple services?

  • True

IAM in AWS is abbreviated as?

  • IAM – Identity and Access Management

What are the alarm states in Cloudwatch?

Alarm states in cloudwatch are:

  • OK

Which is the cheapest and most established AWS region?

  • US standard is the cheapest and established AWS region.

EBS is the abbreviation of?

  • EBS – Elastic Block Stores

What are EBS Volumes?

  • Ebs Volumes are attached to the instances and they will store the data even if instances are stopped.

S3 bucket maximum size?

  • 5 tera bytes

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What are cloudwatch Types in AWS?

Cloud watch types in AWS are:

  • Basic Monitoring
  • Detailed Monitoring

What Is Snowball in AWS?

  • Snowball is used for transferring large amounts of data into AWS and also out from AWS.

Which service is used to terminate and replace unhealthy instances?

  • Fault Tolerance

Which Type II Audit is supported by AWS?

  • SAS70

What entities are transferred between AWS regions?

  • AMI & EBS Snapshot

Which tool is used to back up your data in S3?

  • glacier

NAT stands for?

  • NAT – Network Address Translation

What are the different storage gateways?

Storage gateways are:

  • Tape gateway
  • File gateway
  • Volume Gateway

ELB Stands for?

  • ELB – Elastic Load Balancing

What is subnet?

  • Subnet is a small portion in an IP Address

Which load balancer makes routing decisions at the transport layer or application layer?

  • Classic load balancer.

How to handle exceptions in Python?

  • Using try-except blocks, we can handle exceptions in python.

MFA means?

  • MFA – Multi-Factor Authentication

What is ephemeral storage?

  • Emphemaral storage is temporary storage.

Which service is used for collecting and processing e-commerce data for real-time analysis?

  • Redshift and Dynamo services are used to collect and process e-commerce data

What is the AWS Lambda in Amazon Compute Service?

  • AWS Lambda allows us to run code without the requirement of managing servers in AWS Cloud.

Which are used in auto-scaling for additional wait time to scale in or scale out an event?

  • Life Cycle Hooks

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