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What is Data Lake?

Data Lake is a method of storing data within a system in its natural form. In Data Lake you can store various collections of data that could be of any form. In big data we are dealing with huge amount of data that could be stored in the form of structured, nonstructured form. With Data Lake you can store both structured as well as non-structured data. Traditional database don’t offer analytical tools that offer business insight. Data Lake makes [...]


Emerging Technologies for Big Data

Every day huge amount of data is generated all over the world (Data might be in petabytes). Data large in size is called Big Data. Normally people use to work on data of size MB (small documents) and GB (coding, animation coding) but data in peta bytes is called Big Data. Big data might come various organizations like Facebook, Yahoo, weather stations, Telecom companies, Google etc. There are many challenges of dealing with big data, they are; Huge amount of investment [...]


Most Popular Data Science Software Tools

Most Popular Data Science Software Tools Data science is a data-driven process which is helpful in extracting useful insight from various forms of data. Data science focuses on the present and future for decision making. Decision making is not easy when we are getting a huge amount of resources from various internal and external resources. To make informed decisions you must clean data and make it useful for decision making. There are many tools available that helps in extracting information [...]


Features of Internet of Things

Internet of Things is nothing but physical devices connected over a network. Physical devices might include everything that is used in daily life for ex; mobile or Smartphone, washing machine, coffee vending machine, headphones etc. Basic idea behind IoT is to connect various devices (either switch off/on) to Internet. In IoT devices communicate with each other. Internet of Things is futuristic and its aim is to develop computers that would know each and everything about things (objects). Here things might [...]


What is Digital marketing?

As a brand you must reach out to people in order to offer your services and products. Gone are the days when multinational brands would go for door to door campaigning. You must reach out to people digitally in order to expand business. Various mediums could be used to target potential customers and offer your services. Conventional marketing requires lot of manpower, now-a-days which has been a major concern. Let’s read about digital marketing and how it is transforming [...]


IoT Platform And Solutions

From homes and businesses to undertakings, Internet of Things have turned out to be ordinary in varying backgrounds. Interfacing everything and everybody, IoT is improving the world more quick-witted and than at any other time. Be that as it may, this is quite recently the start. Opening the maximum capacity of Internet of Things requires that organizations comprehend the open doors for esteem creation and deliberately address the basic difficulties. Web of Things benefit empowers associations to change business needs [...]


Mobile Marketing Tips

Gone are the days when personnel were hired for marketing purpose. It required lot of manpower and revenue. Marketing strategies has revolutionized over the years and digital marketing is one among many. Digital marketing has completely transformed thanks to various methods it offers and mobile marketing is one digital medium that help organizations reach out potential customers on the go. Let’s read various mobile marketing tips that would your business to new level. Mobile marketing tips Today everyone is using mobile [...]


PEGA Cloud Platform

Technology is advancing every day and its transforming our lives to a whole new level. PEGA cloud platform is one such platform that empowers people to rapidly employ, easily extend and change applications to meet strategic business needs. PEGA offers award-winning services in CRM and BPM that are powered with artificial intelligence and robotic automation. PEGA offer various services that help organizations to deliver services in exceptional manner. With PEGA cloud you can optimize customer experience and automate various [...]


AngualrJS Scripting Framework

AngularJS is a client side scripting framework that helps you develop dynamic web applications. First started at Google as a part of project AngularJS has been made open source since then. AngularJS is a simple framework build around Javascript and HTML. Let’s read about AngularJS and how we can use it to develop dynamic web pages. What is AngularJS? AngularJS is an open source JavaScript framework that is used to build dynamic web pages. You don’t need to learn new concepts [...]


Machine Learning For Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to reach out people. It’s amazing that how you get recommended content and suitable ads while browsing Internet. Machine learning is the reason behind recommended ads that are displayed at your browser. It’s amazing how ads are displayed are suitable to your entries on your browser. Artificial intelligence and machine learning is the reason behind these ads that are showcased according to your search. Let’s read about machine learning is transforming [...]

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