5 Top Digital Marketing Tools

5 Top Digital Marketing Tools

Digital-Marketing-Tools-NareshITGone are the days when some of you deliver services door to door. The world has transformed completely into the digital world. No matter what is your business, what type of services you run, you must reach people /customers digitally. There are many ways to achieve that and Internet marketing is one of them. In this technologically advanced era we can’t ignore the importance of reaching out to potential customers over the Internet. For that you need to have best plans that would reap benefits in long-term and digital marketing tools help you achieve those goals. Let’s read about popular digital marketing tools.


Popular digital marketing tools

Digital marketing tools help you analyze and plan out strategies for getting more and more traffic customers for your websites. Let’s see different marketing tools.


1.Google Analytics

  • Offered for free by tech giant Google, startup companies should use tools offered by Google analytics.
  • Google analytics is considered by many as basic tools for analyzing web traffic. It gives analyst insight of what customers are doing on websites.
  • It helps you analyze from which campaign users are getting directed to your website.
  • With Google analytics perform research and find keywords that are suitable for your business.
  • Create content with keywords recommended by Google analytics and improve traffic for websites.


  • BuzzSumo is the most important digital marketing tool for digital marketing, content marketing and SEO campaigns.
  • It offers a deep understanding of social media appearance and help digital marketers to develop better strategies.
  • With BuzzSumo search for keywords and phrases that could take content to whole new level.
  • Give insight of websites through historical data and give currently trending keywords as well.
  • BuzzSumo offer digital marketing services at affordable prices.

3.Crazy Egg

  • Crazy is one of the best digital marketing tools available that offer SEO Services for better marketing of your business.
  • It’s like an X-ray that lets you see exactly what people are doing on your website.
  • It tells you where people are clicking, how many people scroll down pages of your website.
  • Besides giving info what are the things customers are interested in, Crazy Egg gives you an insight of where visitors are coming from.
  • Crazy Egg services are really inexpensive compared to other digital marketing tools.


  • Reaching out to people is very important in this Internet era. Besides Internet, social media management is necessary when we are targeting customers.
  • Hootsuite lets you mange social media campaigns like facebooks, twitter and manages them from a single dashboard.
  • Hootsuite offers various social media management services at affordable prices. You have the luxury to choose according to your needs.


  • HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customer.
  • Hubspot offers CRM services that help you get deeper insight on every contact, lead, and customer.
  • Marketing hub offered by Hubspot help you grow traffic and convert visitors into customers.
  • With SalesHub, skyrocket increases the productivity of your business.
  • With Hubspot, you can connect to customers with their terms and them with their needs.
These are the most popular digital marketing tools that could help you in digital marketing. Some of these could be used for complete SEO needs, some might deal with social media management. Choose any of these services and get more and more customers for your business or websites.

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