Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile-Marketing-Tips-NareshITGone are the days when personnel were hired for marketing purpose. It required lot of manpower and revenue. Marketing strategies has revolutionized over the years and digital marketing is one among many. Digital marketing has completely transformed thanks to various methods it offers and mobile marketing is one digital medium that help organizations reach out potential customers on the go. Let’s read various mobile marketing tips that would your business to new level.

Mobile marketing tips

  • Today everyone is using mobile and they are accessing Internet through mobile devices.
  • It’s expected to grow further more and with more and more competitors you must have mobile advertising strategies that help you generate more and more lead.
  • As most retailers are focused on developing mobile friendly apps that help them reach potential customers.

Let’s see various tips to improvise your business through mobile marketing.

Optimize apps

  • There are lots and lots of companies that are rolling out mobile apps every day.
  • It’s important you stand out from crowd and for that you need to optimize your mobile applications to get ranked higher in search engines.
  • Earlier optimization was used for web pages and content and now it became common practice to apply optimization techniques for Android applications.
  • Optimizing mobile applications is necessary otherwise it will go down in search engine rankings.

Websites should be mobile friendly

  • Having only mobile app won’t do your business any good. You must have websites that will get you leads and you can convert into customers.
  • Websites are always feasible as first time visitors might look for websites rather than applications.
  • Make sure you have mobile friendly apps that will help your customers stay on your websites through mobiles as well.

Use short forms

  • First impression should be good and your website and application should reflect that.
  • For registering on your websites first time visitors need to fill details and forms should be simple and attractive.
  • Optimize web pages using simple forms that could help users in ordering products, writing reviews about products etc.
  • Minimize content on your forms and remove text fields that aren’t necessary. Keep customer profiling simple.

Make phone number a link

  • Optimizing website for mobile is very essential.
  • It’s very difficult to copy something from browser or app in mobile and reach out for customer services.
  • Users need to copy mobile numbers and paste in dialer in order to connect with customer services.
  • You can use mobile number as a link. Whenever customer clicks on mobile call will be initiated and that makes it easy for customer to interact with customer care executive.

Avoid heavy media 

  • Mobile apps or websites should be optimized in such a way that it would be loaded in 10-15 seconds.
  • Websites and apps with heavy media content should be avoided, because that makes apps/websites bit slower.
  • Minimize media content on your website/app so that websites are pretty fast to load and customers enjoy rolling web pages and application.

Mobile marketing is transforming business with huge efficiency. There are many companies that are using mobile marketing as go to method for marketing their services, just because it’s simple and everyone is using mobile so reaching a targeted audience is quite easy. Social media integrated in apps is providing lots of features for users as they can interact with people and share ideas about products (probably biggest advantage for organizations).

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