Go Programming Online Training

Go Programming Online Training

go programming online training

About Go Programming Online Training

Go programming languge is a procedural language.It was launched in 2009 but it was developed in 2007 at Google by Robert Griesemer, Ken Thompson and Robert Pike.In similar to dynamic languages this language also supports adopting environment patterns.

In this language assembling of programs are done using pakages for efficient management. Flexiblity,  Concurency, Garbage Collection, rich standared library and fast compilation are some of its advantages. features like platform independency, unit testing by itself, package management makes it a popular. Join Us for the best Go Programming online training. Our online training provides Industry scenarios by expert trainers.

Course Objectives


Basic understanding of C language is an advantage but not compulsory

who can learn:

  • Any Freshers of B.tech/MCA
  • Software developers
  • IT professionals

Course Curriculum

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Training Features

Instructor-Led Training Sessions

We believe to provide our students the Best interactive experience as part of their learning

Expert Trainers

We Constantly evaluate our trainers and only the “Best” Provides the Training

Flexible Schedule

Do not hesitate to ask… because we will work according to your calendar

Industry Specific Scenarios

Students are provided with all the Real-Time and Relevant Scenarios

e-Learning Sessions

Online training sessions are held Live and we provide students with the Training Videos

24/7 Support

No Problem@ all…!!! Your Question will be answered by Us at any Hour of the time

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