Angular 10 Online Training

Angular 10 Online Training

Angular10 online training

About Angular 10 Online Training

Course Objectives

What are the Angular 10 Online Course Objectives?


  • Introduction to Typescript
  • JavaScript & Typescript


  • Namespaces and multiple files
  • Loading modules


  • Classes, Class properties, Static Properties
  • Constructors, getters & setters
  • Inheritance, Abstract classes, Interfaces
  • Access modifiers


  • Generic functions, classes
  • Generic types and arrays
  • Constraints


  • Class Decorators
  • Decorator Factories
  • Method Decorators
  • Property Decorators
  • Parameter Decorators

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Angular Framework, History & Overview
  • Environment Setup
  • Angular CLI, Installing Angular CLI
  • NPM commands & json
  • Bootstrapping Angular App, Components, AppModule
  • Project Setup, Editor Environments
  • First Angular App & Directory Structure
  • Angular Fundamentals, Building Blocks
  • MetaData
  • Component Basics
  • Setting up the templates
  • Creating Components using CLI
  • Nesting Components
  • Data Binding – Property & Event Binding, String Interpolation, Style binding
  • Two-way data binding
  • Input Properties, Output Properties, Passing Event Data
  • Template, Styles, View Encapsulation, adding bootstrap to angular app
  • Built-in Directives
  • Creating Attribute Directive
  • Using Renderer to build attribute directive
  • Host Listener to listen to Host Events
  • Using Host Binding to bind to Host Properties
  • Parametrized Pipes
  • Chaining Multiple Pipes
  • Creating a Custom Pipe
  • Creating a Filter Pipe
  • Pure and Impure Pipes (or: How to “fix” the Filter Pipe)
  • Understanding the “async” Pipe
  • Services
  • Dependency Injections
  • Creating Data Service
  • Understanding Hierarchical Injector
  • Services for Cross Component Communication
  • App & Backend Setup
  • Sending Requests (Example: POST Request)
  • Adjusting Request Headers
  • Sending GET Requests
  • Sending a PUT Request
  • Transform Responses Easily with Observable Operators (map())
  • Using the Returned Data
  • Catching Http Errors
  • Using the “async” Pipe with Http Requests
  • Basics of Observables & Promises
  • Analysing a Built-in Angular Observable
  • Building & Using a First Simple Observable
  • Building & Using a Custom Observable from Scratch
  • Understanding Observable Operators
  • Using Subjects to pass and listen to data
  • How Authentication works in SPA
  • JWT Module, JSON Web Tokens
  • Signup, Login and logout application
  • Router Protection, Route Guards
  • CanActivate interface


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