Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure AZ-203 Exam Online Training

Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure AZ-203 Exam Online Training

Microsoft Azure Online Training

About AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Exam Online Training

  • Candidates for this exam are Azure Developers who design and build cloud solutions such as applications and services.
  • They participate in all phases of development, from solution design, to development and deployment, to testing and maintenance.
  • They partner with cloud solution architects, cloud DBAs, cloud administrators,and clients to implement the solution.
  • Candidates should be proficient in developing apps and services by using Azure tools and technologies, including storage, security, compute, and communications.
  • Candidates must have at least one year of experience developing scalable solutions through all phases of software development and be skilled in at least one cloud-supported programming language.

Module-1 : Getting Started

1. Course Introduction
2. About the Trainer
3. About the Exam
4. Course Features and Tools

Module-2 : IaaS – Implement Batch Jobs by using Azure Batch Service
1. Introduction to IaaS
2. Creating a Batch Account and Running a Job with CLI

Module-3 : Containerized Solutions
1. Introduction
2. Create and Dockerize a .Net Core Application
3. Create an Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster with CLI

Module-4 : Azure Storage Tables
1. Introduction
2. Code CRUD and Query Operations with C#

Module-5 : Azure Cosmos DB Storage
1. Introduction
2. Create and Populate a Cosmos DB Database with Data from C#
3. Understand Cosmos DB Consistency Levels

Module-6 : Azure Blob Storage
1. Introduction
2. Working with Blobs using C#

Module-7 : PaaS – Create Azure App Service Web Apps
1. Introduction to PaaS
2. Create an App Service Web App uisng Portal
3. Create an App Service Web Application using CLI and GitHub
4. Create an App Service Web App using Containers and Docker Hub

Module-8 : Create App Service Mobile Apps
1. Introduction to Mobile applications Services
2. Create an App Service Mobile App Service
3. Data Access and Sync with Mobile Clients

Module-9 : Azure Functions
1. Introduction to Functions
2. Create a Queue Triggered Function with Table Output
3. Understand Azure Functions Queue Trigger/Binding Scalability

Module-10 : Develop an App Service Logic App
1. Create a Logic application
2. Handle Exceptions and Retries

Module-11 : Integrate Azure Search within Solutions
1. Create and Populate a Search Index with Data using C# and CLI

Module-12 : Establish API Gateways
1. Introduction
2. Implement a Simple API Gateway and Policies

Module-13 : Develop Event-Based Solutions
1. Introduction
2. Deliver Messages at Scale with Event Grid

Module-14 : Develop Message Based Solutions
1. Introduction
2. Create Queues with PowerShell and Send/Receive Messages with C#

Module-15 : Implement Secure Access to Services, Secrets and Data
1. Introduction
2. Create Service Principal with CLI
3. Secure Access to Blobs with a SAS Token
4. Securely Store Web App Secrets in Key Vault
5. Secure Access to Storage Accounts with MSI
6. Implement Dynamic Data Masking and Always Encrypted
7. Secure Access to an Azure Kubernetes Cluster

Module-16 : Monitor Azure Solutions
1. Introduction
2. Configure Web App Logging
3. Enable Application Insights, Tracing and Sampling on a Web App
4. Understand the Usage Analytics

Module-17 : Optimize Azure Solutions
1. Introduction
2. Configure Auto Scaling
3. Scale Solutions using Azure Redis Cache

Module-18 : Conclusion
1. How to Prepare for the Exam
2. What’s Next After Certification?
3. Exam – Quiz


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