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Classroom Training

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Course Name
Faculty Name
ADV.JAVAMr. Hari Krishna25-July-149.00 AMFast Track
CORE JAVAMr. Sai25-July-1411.00 AMFast Track
Asp.Net MVCMr. Sudhakar S24-July-149.00 AMFast Track
C LanguageTeam of Expert24-July-1411.00 AMFast Track
SQL SERVER 2012Mr. Sudhakar L24-July-1411.00 AMDuration: 40 Days
C#.NETMr. Sudhakar S24-July-142.00 PMFast Track
Asp.Net MVCTeam of Expert23-July-147.00 AMFast Track
CRTTeam Of Expert23-July-1411.00 AMNormal Track
ASP.NETMr. Rakesh Singh23-July-144.00 PMFast Track
CORE JAVAMr. Praveen Goud23-July-145.30 PMFast Track
WCFTeam of Expert23-July-146.00 PMFast Track
C#.NETMr. Bangar Raju22-July-147.15 AMNormal Track
SERVLETSMr. Sai22-July-144.00 PMFast Track
C LanguageMr. Balu21-July-147.00 AMNormal Track
ORACLE 11gMr. Satish Yellanki21-July-149.00 AMNormal Track
HTML5 & CSS3Mr. Subba Raju21-July-146.00 PMDuration : 30 Days
CORE JAVAMr. Shiva Kumar21-July-149.00 AMFast Track
SELENIUMMr. Manoj21-July-147.15 AMDuration: 45 Days
jQueryMr. Kalyan21-July-147.00 AMDuration: 30 Days
ADV.JAVAMr. Satish Gupta21-July-147.30 PMFast Track
PHPMr. Swamy Naidu 21-July-1411.00 AMNormal Track
C#.NETMr. Wilson17-July-1411.30 AMFast Track
ANDROIDMr. Sai17-July-146.00 PMDuration : 30 Days
ASP.NETMr. Rakesh Singh17-July-147.30 PMFast Track

Weekend Batches

Course Name
Start Date
HADOOP10.00 AM9 & 10 - August4 WeekendsRegister Now
HIBERNATE10.00 AM26 & 27 - July2 DaysRegister Now
HTML5 & CSS310.00 AM26 & 27 - July2 DaysRegister Now
Java WEB SERVICES11.00 AM26 & 27 - July2 DaysRegister Now
Asp.Net MVC11.00 AM26 & 27 - July2 DaysRegister Now
ORACLE 11g2.00 PM26 & 27 - July5 WeekendsRegister Now
SPRING10.00 AM19 & 20 - July2 DaysRegister Now

Project Workshops

For more details and Registering in New Batches for Project Workshops, Call Us 9000994005 or Email to info@nareshit.com

Course Name
Faculty Name
.NET Real-Time ProjectMr. Rakesh Singh2-June-149.00 AMRegister Now

Online Training

For more details, Call UsĀ 8179191999 or email to info@nareshit.com

Course Name
Timings (IST)
HADOOP28-July-148:30 PM30 SessionsRegister Now
HADOOP5-Aug-146:30 AM30 SessionsRegister Now
CORE JAVA28-July-147:00 AM25 SessionsRegister Now
SHAREPOINT28-July-146:00 PM30 SessionsRegister Now
SHAREPOINT3-Aug-147:00 AM30 SessionsRegister Now
SPRING26-July-144:00 PM25 SessionsRegister Now
HIBERNATE28-July-146:00 PM25 SessionsRegister Now
ORACLE28-July-147:30 PM25 SessionsRegister Now
ORACLE4-Aug-144:00 PM25 SessionsRegister Now
.NET (C# & ASP)25-July-1411:00 AM35 SessionsRegister Now
.NET (C# & ASP)28-July-144:00 PM35 SessionsRegister Now
WCF28-July-144:00 PM20 SessionsRegister Now

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