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Classroom Training

Core Java New Batch Spring New Batch Hibernate New BtachC#DotNet New Batch HTML5 & CSS3 New Batch Oracle New Batch
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PHPMr. Swamy Naidu01st Dec7.00 AMDur: 45 Days
CORE JAVAReal-Time Expert01st Dec7.00 PM30 Members
C#.NETMr. Sudhakar Sharma04th Dec11.00 AMFast Track
CMr Kishore03rd Dec7.00 PMFast Track
HadoopReal-Time Expert07th Dec11.00 AMDur: 40 Days
MS-BIReal-Time Expert7th Dec7.00 AMDur: 45 Days
SPRINGMr. Srinu30th Nov7.00 AMFast Ttack
ANDROIDMr. Kethan30th Nov7.00 AMDur: 45 Days
ORACLEMr. Sudhakar L30th Nov9.00 AMNormal Track
C-LanguageMr. Raju30th Nov9.00 AMFast Track
HIBERNATEMr. Satish B30th Nov11.00 AMFast Track
Angular JSMr. Vikram30th Nov11.00 AMDur: 30 Days
CORE JAVAMr. Ramachandra30th Nov2.00 PM30 Members
ORACLEMr. Vijay Kumar30th Nov2.00 PMFast Ttack
SQL ServerMr. Subba Raju30th Nov4.00 PMDur: 40 Days
ADV.JAVAMr Imtiyaz30th Nov6.00 PMFast Track
(30 Members)
HTML5&CSS3Mr. Subba Raju30th Nov7.00 AMDur: 40 Days
Angular JSReal -Time Expert28th Nov7.00 AMDur: 30 Days
ADV.JAVAMr. Nataraj28th Nov9.00 AMNormal Track
JQuery with JsonMr Rakesh Singh28th Nov11.00 AMDur: 30 Days
HTML/JavaScriptMr. Subba Raju28th Nov2.00 PMDur: 30 Days
CORE JAVAMr. Hari Krishna28th Nov4.00 PMNormal Track
PL/SQLMr. Vijay Kumar28th Nov4.00 PMDur: 30 Days
CRTMr. Srinivas28th Nov4.00 PMDur: 45 Days
C#.NETTeam of Expert28th Nov6.00 PM20 Members
C#,NetMr. Ravindra28th Nov6.00 PMFast Track
(20 Members)
iPhone using SwiftMr. Madhav28th Nov7.00 PMDur: 45 Days

Android New Batch iPhone New Batch PHP New Batch
AngularJS New Batch jQuery New Batch Selenium New Batch


Weekend Batches


Course NameTimeStart DateDurationRemarks
UI-Technologies10.00 AM28th NovDur: 5 WeeksRegister Now
Agile11.00 AM28th Nov1 DayFree for All
AngularJS10.00 AM28th & 29th Nov2 DaysRegister Now
SPARK11.00 AM29th Nov1 DayFree for All
AngularJS10.00 AM28th & 29th Nov2 DaysChennai
BigData (Hadoop)10.00 AM5th & 6th Dec2 DaysChennai
Asp.Net MVC 510.00 AM12th & 13th Dec2 DaysChennai
SPRING10.00 AM12th & 13th Dec2 DaysChennai
HIBERNATE10.00 AM19th & 20th Dec2 DaysChennai


Project Workshops


For more details and Registering in New Batches for Project Workshops, Call Us +91-9000 99 4005 or Email to projects@nareshit.com

Course NameFaculty NameDateTimeRegister
.NET Real-Time ProjectMr. Rakesh Singh30th Sep5.00 PMRegister Now
Real-Time Project on PHPMr. Swamy NaiduRegister Now
Java Real-Time ProjectMr. Satish BRegister Now


Online Training

Faculty Registration

For more details, Call Us +91-81 79 19 1999 or email to online@nareshit.com

CourseDateTime (IST)DurationRemarks
AngularJS28th Nov6:00 AM
30 hrsRegister Now
SELENIUM28th Nov7:00 AM60 hrsRegister Now
SharePoint28th Nov6:00 AM50 hrsRegister Now
.NET (C# & ASP)28th Nov8:00 AM60 hrsRegister Now
Python28th Nov9:00 AM60 hrsRegister Now
CORE JAVA28th Nov7:30 AM50 hrsRegister Now
HADOOP27th Nov
8:30 PM60 hrsRegister Now
ORACLE (SQL/PLSQL)27th Nov9:30 PM45 hrsRegister Now
SPRING27th Nov7:00 PM60 hrsRegister Now
Webservices27th Nov11:00 AM45 hrsRegister Now
HTML 5/CSS 328th Nov8:00 PM60 hrsRegister Now
ANDROID28th Nov8:00 PM40 hrsRegister Now
Success Factor28th Nov
7:00 AM40 hrsRegister Now
UI-Technologies28th Nov8:00 PM

60 hrsRegister Now
Informatica28th Nov6:30 AM45 hrsRegister Now
Open Stack28th Nov6:30 AM30 hrsRegister Now
PHP28th Nov7:00 AM60 hrsRegister Now
Linux Admin28th Nov6:00 AM30 hrsRegister Now
C Language28th Nov7:00 AM30 hrsRegister Now
CORE JAVA28th Nov8:30 PM50 hrsRegister Now
ASP.NET MVC28th Nov9:00 PM50 hrsRegister Now
Shell Scripting28th Nov9:30 PM 20 hrsRegister Now
SQL Server28th Nov5:00 AM25 hrsRegister Now
AngularJS27th Nov8:00 PM30 hrsRegister Now


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In this era of globalization and free trade, India has to be as competitive as any other country in the world in the areas of technology, quality, cost and service. As such the Software Companies are forced to adopt modern technology and concepts in order to be competitive globally.

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